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‘Draw 5th Gear’ DJ Rap feat Top Cat

Release date April 29th 2020

Propa Talent is proud to present one of the most anticipated reunions the jungle scene has to offer. The last time these two heavyweight legends collaborated resulted in the monster classic ‘Roughest Gunark’ which holds a special place in the history of the Jungle massive.

DJ Rap reunites with Top Cat once again with what is sure to be another classic, ‘Draw 5th Gear’.

5 Epic versions guarantee that there is a mix for everyone! This is the anthem you start your sets with, beautiful synths and a bassline that destroys the speakers whenever it drops.

A truly great combination of talent from a team that has the Midas touch and a true dance floor smash that gives the classics an ode to a new generation, PROPA!

Dj Rap Intel:

Quantum Creations 2020

(Don’t worry!) Vegan Curry!!!



We are living within amazing times, it must be said, as it is as well felt. Food, an integral part in all of our day to day routines. From breakfast to brunch, lunch, snack until home time then dinner – everyone’s a hunger buster winner!

white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

Doing things for the right reasons is crucial in ones personal development, up and forward into your future. During these amazing times of life, energy and above all the incredible abundance of choice when we all go to the shops for food shopping.Diet is integral to ones day of work. Energy is most defiantly required to get us up, get going to fuel us wholesomely  throughout the busy working weeks we all maintain. Here, in the new year of 2019 – has seen many people take up new lifestyle choices, new trends to keep fit and stay heathy. This good – very good! Just be sure that the ‘ethical heartfelt box’ is ticked right at the top.

Only the other night (date) The Quantum CreationsCooking & Mixing Kitchen made from scratch; an incredibly flavoursome epically awesome Vegan Curry! With all the right reasons and more at the heart of this amazing creation. The Cooking and Mixing kitchen, found itself without any curry sauce. (Which is usually pre brought from a shop or supermarket.) The resources at hand were: One tin of plumb tomato’s. A tin of chickpeas. Vegetables which included: mushrooms, garlic, onion, broccoli, with a nice large variety of spice. This included: Madras curry powder, chili powder x 2 varieties, Tandoori curry powder, Bombay curry powder, and ginger.


It was the very first time that a curry or any sauce for food had been made, by scratch before. It just had never been required in the Quantum, Cooking & Mixing Kitchen!

Method of making the sauce

Taking the tin of plum tomato’s, successfully opening the ring pull tin, the Quantum chef then heated a little Olive Oil in a smaller sized pan. Taking some of the chilli powder, for full flavour, a libral 4-5 shakes were added to the oil. Bombay spice was added – a liberal shake of. The lead spice being in this case: Garam Masala spice. Garam Masala is almost on the aromatic smell of aniseed, it elevates the other spices in perfect alignment with the full – flavour sensation. As this was all ‘trial and error’ in the method,  the Cooking and Mixing kitchen, then decided to use: Oat milk, Vegan cheese spread from Sainsbury’s as the ‘stabilisers’ in the sauce. It has to be said that this acted in very good fashion for this sauce. Stirring continuously, as the heat is on: high to medium setting brings the sauce into grounds of serving preparation to the dish. Plum tomato’s chopped in pan, using a fork as the sauce is being stirred.


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Method of making the curry

1, sweet potato, x 1 tin of chickpeas, mushrooms, garlic, onion, kale and spinach.

Wash, peel, chop sweet potato. Boil for 20 minuets or so until soft. Drain chic peas to add just before sauce is added. Chop garlic, half an onion. Slice / chop mushrooms to your liking. Using a little olive oil heated in the pan,  add kale, mushrooms, garlic and copped onion. Add spice (Quantum Cooking & Mixing matched spice of the sauce, chilli is a good indicator. Not to hot or as hot as YOU like is the measure here.) After light frying of above vegetables, add the sweet potato chunks, add the chic peas. Taste for spice levels. Now you can add your home made sauce. The amount created was enough to cover all the ingredient’s. (Feeding 2 of us.)




We completed the dish with fresh Poppadum’s. Blessed with a great selection from our local fresh, Everest store – (you can find likewise products in local shops to yourself, in terms of area location. If not: Amazon.)

So don’t worry, it’s a full flavour vegan curry!

Quantum Cooking & Mixing; Reading and viewing:


Quantum Creations +20

The Sea’s of the High Frequencies:

‘Creativity resides inside  all of our hearts and minds. The vessels simply need encouragement to come alive!’

With a sincere feeling of being very blessed right now. Even within my own ‘storm of darkness’, the Quantum Creations publicist – due to these very blessings, has made it through to another space in time’. Right here, right now – as we quantum jump together, we reach for the High Frequencies of the true audio treasure.

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset

Our minds a very active from the ‘stimulation basis’, with the fact that all creation requires some form of generation of the imagination. What better access point to help along ones creation point than music itself. The point being here is the fact that there many types of music. I am writing this from my own ‘Quantum standpoint.’ Creation itself, like us, is simply endless.

light creative abstract colorful

It does the creational zones a world of good in the experience of something new!

Pyrit, an immensely talented producer as well as an EMCEE, has produced and continues to produce such eloquent works of high quality audio levels on his tracks.(Simply HIGH QUALITY.) Sampling, the arrangement of chords, sections of his tracks, spanning from an outstandingly, wide spectrum.


Listening to the high grade works such as: Pyrit of the High Frequencies Vol – 1 -4.

{Moving image LiNKS LiVE! CLiCK TO BUY PYRIT MUSIC!!!}

Also: Pyrit of the High Frequencies Vol.5

 The Pyrit of the High Frequencies series which is available NOW! Boasts, track after track of amazing music from the digital audio spectrum. Highly awe inspiring, Pyrit brings that – unique one of a kind vibe.


Pyrit creates, whilst drawing deep, with the use of – urban, natural sampling elements. Combining this with: this century production techniques, Pyrit proves over and over why he is one of the best at what he does – producing dope tracks!

It’s a case of buy, select, relax play then breathe! What your body feels – your mind needs…





Word on the Seas of the High Frequencies, are: that ‘Act 6‘ will soon be available for the audio pleasures of the masses – highly awaited all over! Shout to Pyrit the grand creator!!!!




Remain aware that there is ONLY ONE – Pyrit of The High Frequencies. Beware of fake imitations

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Quantum Creations 2018


It’s a FACT, that we are a WORLD of coffee LOVERS! Here at the home of Quantum Creations, coffee is also an integral part of the active day. It is also so within the everyday world of infrastructure, where people require a nice ‘lift’ during, as well as throughout their busy weekly day’s.

macbook pro on desk

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