(The Vegan) MELTED Cheese Challenge!!!

🧀🧀🧀The (Vegan) ((Melted)) Cheese Challenge!!!


We all love a bit of cheese!!! It’s most probably one of the nations – if not earths, main comfort foods. Now rapidly advancing closer to the mighty: ‘2020’, we have seen a sure surge in the production of Vegan food alternatives. With many now looking for these alternatives, maybe due to on going health problems such as; gluten intolerance, yeast intolerance and of course lactose intolerance – it pays to have a GOOD substitute on hand.

The human body, complex as it is sensitive, rewarding as it can be punishing of sorts. You can go years without recognising symptoms of such conditions. It is within this age, that such great alternatives now exist in almost every good – high-street supermarket.

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It has been an honour over the last few years, to venture into the life / lifestyle of vegetarianism and now veganism, on a full Quantum level. (Ones journey leads you down the path you need to take, at exactly the right time, at exactly the right point.)
Quantum Creations brings you a good, solid ‘challenge’ when it comes to the Vegan cheese’s meltability. Two optimum leaders within the industry prove, that they are the best in the Vegan food industry.

photo of vegetable salad in bowls

It’s love, it’s the melt – mable belt, it’s all for the heart felt. For filling your heart’s desire, like love on a summers breeze, this is the highest point for Vegan – melting cheese.


This has been such an amazing project!!! Both cheeses melt / melted REALLY well! They taste (OFF THE CHART!!!) There has also been another supermarket brand which also is EPIC!! (Shout to ASDA!!!!) This is a NEW part.1 of the ‘Melted (Vegan) Cheese Files!!!’…. Live from the Quantum Cooking & Mixing Kitchen!!!

Melted awesome cheese brand videos!!!

Melted Vegan Cheese Brand Interaction:



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(Don’t worry!) Vegan Curry!!!



We are living within amazing times, it must be said, as it is as well felt. Food, an integral part in all of our day to day routines. From breakfast to brunch, lunch, snack until home time then dinner – everyone’s a hunger buster winner!

white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

Doing things for the right reasons is crucial in ones personal development, up and forward into your future. During these amazing times of life, energy and above all the incredible abundance of choice when we all go to the shops for food shopping.Diet is integral to ones day of work. Energy is most defiantly required to get us up, get going to fuel us wholesomely  throughout the busy working weeks we all maintain. Here, in the new year of 2019 – has seen many people take up new lifestyle choices, new trends to keep fit and stay heathy. This good – very good! Just be sure that the ‘ethical heartfelt box’ is ticked right at the top.

Only the other night (date) The Quantum CreationsCooking & Mixing Kitchen made from scratch; an incredibly flavoursome epically awesome Vegan Curry! With all the right reasons and more at the heart of this amazing creation. The Cooking and Mixing kitchen, found itself without any curry sauce. (Which is usually pre brought from a shop or supermarket.) The resources at hand were: One tin of plumb tomato’s. A tin of chickpeas. Vegetables which included: mushrooms, garlic, onion, broccoli, with a nice large variety of spice. This included: Madras curry powder, chili powder x 2 varieties, Tandoori curry powder, Bombay curry powder, and ginger.


It was the very first time that a curry or any sauce for food had been made, by scratch before. It just had never been required in the Quantum, Cooking & Mixing Kitchen!

Method of making the sauce

Taking the tin of plum tomato’s, successfully opening the ring pull tin, the Quantum chef then heated a little Olive Oil in a smaller sized pan. Taking some of the chilli powder, for full flavour, a libral 4-5 shakes were added to the oil. Bombay spice was added – a liberal shake of. The lead spice being in this case: Garam Masala spice. Garam Masala is almost on the aromatic smell of aniseed, it elevates the other spices in perfect alignment with the full – flavour sensation. As this was all ‘trial and error’ in the method,  the Cooking and Mixing kitchen, then decided to use: Oat milk, Vegan cheese spread from Sainsbury’s as the ‘stabilisers’ in the sauce. It has to be said that this acted in very good fashion for this sauce. Stirring continuously, as the heat is on: high to medium setting brings the sauce into grounds of serving preparation to the dish. Plum tomato’s chopped in pan, using a fork as the sauce is being stirred.


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Method of making the curry

1, sweet potato, x 1 tin of chickpeas, mushrooms, garlic, onion, kale and spinach.

Wash, peel, chop sweet potato. Boil for 20 minuets or so until soft. Drain chic peas to add just before sauce is added. Chop garlic, half an onion. Slice / chop mushrooms to your liking. Using a little olive oil heated in the pan,  add kale, mushrooms, garlic and copped onion. Add spice (Quantum Cooking & Mixing matched spice of the sauce, chilli is a good indicator. Not to hot or as hot as YOU like is the measure here.) After light frying of above vegetables, add the sweet potato chunks, add the chic peas. Taste for spice levels. Now you can add your home made sauce. The amount created was enough to cover all the ingredient’s. (Feeding 2 of us.)




We completed the dish with fresh Poppadum’s. Blessed with a great selection from our local fresh, Everest store – (you can find likewise products in local shops to yourself, in terms of area location. If not: Amazon.)

So don’t worry, it’s a full flavour vegan curry!

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The Falafel Face Off!!! (2019)


The Falafel Face Off!!! 2019…


Falafel the great Middle Eastern delicacy, which can now be found in most good supermarket, high-street stores. In parts of London you can now commonly find ‘Falafel Bars‘. These amazing Falafel spots, can be found to serve some of the most amazing – fresh Falafel around. Noting: that this is one of the main reasons that, Quantum Creations loves cities such as London. The unique, multiculteral diverse environment, which homes many great people alike to the incredible food combinations from all around the world!

food healthy vegetables potatoes

Quantum Creations being a HUGE fan of the mighty Falafel, came up with the idea of this intrepid challenge, duely titled: ‘The Falafel face Off‘. It’s very simple. There have been two brands of Falafel selected. One by a leading U.K supermarket, the other by a world leader in healthy foods, as well as been one of the first pioneers of falafel, here in the United Kingdom. From the QuantumCooking & Mixing Kitchen, now bring to you the good people, down to purely the vote of personal choice one winner, from The Falafel Face Off!!!


That’s right there can only be one victor! The judging will be down to: overall taste, flavour. Texture, tongue to palate transition. Mild cooking ability, how both fair after they have been warmed up in the oven.

So get ready, remain steady. As these two mighty falafel  contenders prepare to do battle in – The Falafel Face Off!!!

Exclusive Video – from the: Cooking and Mixing Kitchen:

Please watch the video to find out the WINNER! {There can only be ONE victor!}



Thanks for reading, thanks for watching! Quantum Creations has MUCH MORE for the new year of – 2019!!!…. 

Falafel related information / Brands used in the Face Off:


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Malta – Ramala Bay 2018

Getting ready


I hadn’t been abroad since eighteen years ago. Yes, I know this is a very long time to not have ventured into hotter climbs. Believe me when I say – I hadn’t felt the needed urge,not to get away from the bustle of Britain, many a time as a matter of fact. It took us (myself and my fiancé Amy),surprisingly less time in getting our passports renewed.


Before we knew it we were booked up for ten days away, with Amy’s dad too, flying out to the lovely Malta. We were flying from Stansted, which seemed fine. It was a little while after the buzz of the holiday, talking with our friends and work colleagues, that we were informed gently that Ryan Air were not the most reliable airline.

The journey

The 25th of June came around quickly. We had spent wisely and well with our new holiday clothes. We managed to get lots of nice deals with the likes of Sports Direct, likewise shops. Good old Primarni came in a treat too!

Amy’s nephew’s, boyfriend had very kindly agreed to take us to Stansted in the car. This was no trouble as our flight was scheduled for a 17:35pm take off.


The sun was shining, which marked the start of the great British heatwave of 2018. All packed, we set out for the air port. Rob (Amy’s dad) sadly saying a begrudging ‘goodbye’ to Hugo the dog. We got to the airport in good time. After securing our cases with greatly vibrant rainbow straps we headed off to check in.


Not going away for such a long period of time, gosh was I in for a shock! I passed through the detector with no problems. It was the part where they get you to empty, all your goods out into a large grey tray. To say the least; I became quite confused at this process, to the amusement of myself and the security guy! All was well, we rounded the corner opposite the airfield only to be met with a very large que of people awaiting for our flight departure gate to open. ‘Shock – horror!’ – it was delayed. Not dramatically so, though sadly enough so, that we would now be landing at Malta an hour or two later than scheduled. (well done Ryan Air.)


Flight, flight, flight!

Finally, all strapped in and ready for take off – all be it an hour plus later than agreed, it was time for the safety formalities of ‘air health and safety’  which I can safely say have not changed one bit since I last stepped aboard an aeroplane.


Now we had a couple of ‘livener’ drinks at the airport, I thought it would be fun in continuing this on the plane… I ended up having two JD and cokes…


This would have been ok with or – after a healthy portion of food. I’m on holiday – after eighteen years, what can you expect?…

All in all the flight was smooth. We approached a mellow Malta now at the 21:30pm mark. We had a free taxi laid on for us with our tour operator (Mercury Holidays.) Sadly after consuming the two JD and colas, my IBS had been triggered to say the least, then what with the two – three hour journey into Malta I became extremely disorientated. Our tax driver, bless her was really nice even after having to wait all that extra time for us to land. With a good hand, helping us with our heavy luggage into the car off we went to Ramala Bay Resort.

Into Ramala Bay (Resort)

Alas, the otherwise beautiful car journey into the contemporary, blissful Ramala Bay was shattered due to the sickness that came upon me due to not eating enough pre flight. With dollcit tones of our driver recommending sights and eateries as we drove, I was curled up in the corner of the back seat feeling very unwell indeed.

After the drive through the serene, sea air streets up into Ramala Bay – we finally arrived at our destination. A large, glass fronted reception fronted by large stone pillars. It was dark by the time we pilled out of our taxi, with more abundance of help from our driver we ventured inside of the large reception area where we were met by a friendly gentleman – front of house who proceeded to check us in via the EPS there. He then gave us our room card entry keys, with our room numbers on. He also informed us that as we had missed this sitting of dinner (due to arriving late.) that we were due a free lunch the next day in the restaurant they have on – site at the resort.


After checking into our rooms, our first lapse of disappointment was the sleeping arrangements. Myself and Amy’s room had two single beds, made up as – two single beds. Mortified was not the word, thoughts or feelings. To add slight ‘insult to injury’, we then found out that we had no mini bar (as promised by the hotel and our travel provider.) We were however happy at the amazing view (even though it was dark) of the bay, also the amazing aircon system that was in place in our rooms. Storage was ample, enough for our clothes and keep safes. On this note: we soon discovered that in order to use the safe provided in the room, you had to pay an additional fee.

abundance bank banking banknotes

After dosing up with pain relief, Amy and her dad went to check out the hotel, play a game of cards and grab a quick cocktail before hitting the hay.

Awaking – first day!

Just what we travelled for – brilliant sunshine, glorious, sparkling gold over the bays sea. A perfect post card picture all in all. The large heat resistant curtains pulled aside by Amy to reveal this scene of paradise itself – just outside our window. Sadly the sleep which we took could have been a lot better. Due to the two single beds cobbled together to make a double – this was not the case. In addition no one had offered to see if all was to our satisfaction once sent to our rooms to unpack.


Breakfast is served in a large, spacious dinning area. We chose the outside veranda overlooking the bay. Once again the beautiful picturesque view of the bay which encompasses the front to the back of the hotel. When dining outside you are also treated to the ‘in house cats‘ who also come to share your food – if you so wish to do so.


Our first morning dining went without hitch. We spent the first afternoon by the pool – soaking up the gorgeous Maltase sun. Being treated to highs of over twenty two degrees with clear skies was just what the doctor ordered.

First lunch – first ‘crunch’….!

After a mornings tiresome sunbathing, come lunch time we were all quite hungry. Having our free meal for lunch time given to us by the hotel themselves as stated above, on our arrival – due to the fact that we missed last nights dinner, we were highly looking forward to the lunch at Ramala Bay Resort.

After a quick freshen up we ventured back up to the dining area for lunch. First off the waiting staff (in abundance) were very friendly towards us, ushering us to a table of our choice, it was here however that the hospitality ended for us. We soon noticed that all the other dinners around us were drinking water, water in fact was being served to everyone in nice glass queffes. Our male waiting staff came over to take our order, now his spoken English wasn’t that good so a slight communication era was in order as he attempted to serve us. We asked for water, as we were very thirsty.Given the said language barrier it took us a short while in able to establish correct communication levels. When he did return he hurriedly barged past both my fiancé and her dad in the process. He then once again brashly demanded our room numbers – to this we all shocked and surprised, after all we had only ordered ordinary water to drink…


The rude service continued into our lunch. We received a lot of glares and stares from him and his co workers as if we had done something terribly wrong. As we left we were asked some hazy words about being all inclusive – we had not opted in for this option. For our first time dining here we were NOT impressed. Saving this was only the food, to which we immediately found out was of a very good quality.

blur breakfast chef cooking

With more amazing sunshine, sun tan top ups, we relaxed through until the early evening. We treated ourselves with pre dinner cocktails! Once again very expertly created by the experienced bar staff on site – all be it (some please remember) who’s hospitality services towards us were not from the happy vibrations… I must add at this point that, one does expect more on the customer services / hospitality levels, after paying a fair amount for the experience of holidaying abroad at a likewise resort.

‘Dastardly dinner (no.1)’

Sadly, we were served once again by our ‘favourite’ waiting service gentleman who kept up his stone faced, highly edgy persona. We once again had difficulty is ordering water.

As stated above the food was of a high calibre. Myself and Amy are both full vegetarian, we were comfortably catered for. The flavours were outstanding, with nice large selection to choose from. If nothing else the in house cats gave us endless entertainment throughout! We spent our first evening relaxing, drinking more cocktails whilst playing cards in the relaxing climbs of the bar lounge.


Sadly – the resort still had not sorted our sleeping arrangements or mini bar…. (*Sigh)

Meeting the Mercury agent

After another nights (not so great) sleep, we had arranged to meet our agent on the now Wednesday afternoon in reception area. We enjoyed another nice fresh breakfast with the cats. We reclined – pool side, whilst basking in temperature’s of over twenty degrees (loving life right now!)


The afternoon luncheon soon came around once more. We ventured up to the dining quarters, sadly service was still at an all time ‘low’. After many a ‘gruff’ look, long stares from the waiting staff – one can safely say that the hospitality levels as such at Ramala Bay Resort – are bordering on the ‘shocking‘ level. After more mishaps, with barley being able to order a timid water once again it was time for us to meet our rep in reception.

Hold tight to your sun hats! – Sandra C remained most calm throughout our talk with her. To her credit she did sort out for us the mini bar and bed situation. We finally obtained the reason for our awful treatment for past two and a half days. It all boiled down to money – ‘all inclusive’ then the wearing of the wrist band that separated you from the rest… We / I was then forced to upgrade to the all inclusive package which then entitles you to: certain free drinks (on range offer from the resort.) Resort – included lunch, (plus water.) All of which we were NOT informed on, subject at time of sign up to actual holiday from Mercury Travel.  We were given a ticket, then upsold a talk on a history trip to the neighbouring island of Gozo. All in all with this ‘stealthy service’ I personally felt all but ‘half cocked‘ looking to the rest of this holiday.


Needless to say after this half baked experience, the tide began to turn. Amy and myself shared some amazing memories in the evening sunset over Ramala Bay. The trip to Gozo was nice, yet not without fault. A local toilet cleaner was very rude to Amy on our trip out there. All she was requiring was a ‘pee‘. We were also upsold a photo package, we took part in the lengthy process. Only to be told afterwards that we would require a lot of money to purchase any worthy snaps…


I find it with a sadness, that virtually the entire holiday experience nowadays is one of expenditure. That and one of being ‘upsold virtually everything in sight!… Even our free ticket to a Blue Lagoon boat trip, was tarnished due to our rep not explaining the process in full. Due to her negligence we missed out on two exclusive boat trips.

Rounding up, rounding over:

We made the most of the entire holiday. It just seemed slightly overshadowed by the highlighted discrepancies. All in all – it held true ‘romantic value’. Two – three couples became married whilst we were there. Malta boasts the amazing weather, very near the throws of Italy. Warm shoreline’s, with great beaches. It does seem a shame to mention the ‘bad hospitality’ at the resort itself – yet, we are in 2018 now. This sees us with many trying to ‘create the ultimate holidays’ dream‘. It could be perceived that they are trying a little too hard in the wrong places…

low light photography of traffic light

On the afternoon that we left, I treated myself to a pizza at the resorts outside café bar (pool side.) I must say #cookingandmixing that this was quite truly exquisite! Amazing base, a very nice balance of the cheese and mushroom (sourced locally) – as was the amazing tomato sauce on the base! Top marks all over here. #cookingandmixing


The flight back home – alas was delayed tremendously. To add further insult to our travelling injuries we were then held when back at Stansted due to lazy waiting staff on the plane, who systematically messed up pretty much all of our baggage arrivals… AWFUL!

All in all we enjoyed the holiday, it was just sadly mainly the heat lived up to the full expectations of ‘holiday glory’ here. It seems a shame that in this age, there are still so many segregation’s of the classes. Still with many romantic bollounge moments, the holiday was worthwhile indeed. We would like to visit the Carrabin next time, here’s hoping!….Cheers!


Quantum Creations 2018.




The MiGHTY Mr SPARKLe (Feature 2018)🇯🇵🇯🇲



mt fuji japan
Mt Fuji Japan

The land of the rising sun, glorious, in all global splendour.

From his own unique brand – Mr SPARKLe, to the now legendary HHS / The Hardcore Hit Squad. The famous day of a chance meeting at a rave venue in Luton, forged a legacy that is still alive today!

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