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Music: – an artistic concept set out for each and everyone of us to enjoy. A universal display of optimum energy, transmitted to the head, being received to create great, unique moments for the receiver. Have you ever thought just how powerful that connection of music is?

Exciting times for all. With energetic, fresh set structure; Raggo Recordings are here: taking the world by the higher frequencies of now, most definitely loud, present and clear!

Bringing you some much needed info into the history of the ‘Raggo brand’ itself. For those who may not know, who may not have heard – ‘The Raggo Crew was firmly established back in ‘97’ by the immensely talented:Eyeam, being the founder and brand creator.

Raggo Recordings came about as a by-product of The Raggo Crew back then, within this timeline.

Raggo Recordings – working with the fresh, and talented up and coming producer:/DJ Aumy.

It is time for you to tune in. It is time for you to subscribe with a fresh mind to the Raggo Recordings YouTube channel! Bringing you fresh beats, fresh flavours, created by individuals who emulate the love and passion for the music itself.

Keeping diversity at the forefront, the team from Raggo Recordings deliver superb sounds. Drawing from the urban elements, furthermore the sounds of complete consciousness – combining such great structures, the finished works as you can hear providing soul nourishment for your ears.

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Quantum Creationz ‘2021’

Artist Spotlight: EMCEE CD

💯The blessed, the best – in the ‘Artist’s Spotlight’ 🔊

EMCEE/ MC CD, reppin the London vibe, along side his highly influential brand: V.I.P London.

As an artist MC CD stands out due to his impeccable quality as an MC / Host. A mark of any good artist is being to adapt your skills to one genre to another. MC CD can easily lay down solid bars to Jump up Drum and Bass, as well has flow and host, to any a jungle roots set too! It’s no mean feat being an MC. Especially in today’s world.

CD needs to be noted for his impressive style when on the mic. He works effortlessly with a crowed, bringing great ‘hype’ to the dance as well as bars, delivered with style and lyrical elegance.

CD performs on many a radio station! Be sure to tune in & catch him along side the one like Dj Facedee – super smashing it on the drum and bass: LiVE on the mighty Flex FM– on the 4th of November 2020!!!


Wishing MC CD all the best, on future shows and endeavours! And be sure to cop some top merch from the one, the only – V.I.P London!!!

Salute and mighty blessings.

‘Draw 5th Gear’ DJ Rap feat Top Cat

Release date April 29th 2020

Propa Talent is proud to present one of the most anticipated reunions the jungle scene has to offer. The last time these two heavyweight legends collaborated resulted in the monster classic ‘Roughest Gunark’ which holds a special place in the history of the Jungle massive.

DJ Rap reunites with Top Cat once again with what is sure to be another classic, ‘Draw 5th Gear’.

5 Epic versions guarantee that there is a mix for everyone! This is the anthem you start your sets with, beautiful synths and a bassline that destroys the speakers whenever it drops.

A truly great combination of talent from a team that has the Midas touch and a true dance floor smash that gives the classics an ode to a new generation, PROPA!

Dj Rap Intel:

Quantum Creations 2020

The MiGHTY Mr SPARKLe (Feature 2018)🇯🇵🇯🇲



mt fuji japan
Mt Fuji Japan

The land of the rising sun, glorious, in all global splendour.

From his own unique brand – Mr SPARKLe, to the now legendary HHS / The Hardcore Hit Squad. The famous day of a chance meeting at a rave venue in Luton, forged a legacy that is still alive today!

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