History month- ‘The energetics’ {Does it matter?} 🌠🤔🤓🧐

History month- ‘The energetics


The algorithm creates the need for knowledge. Good or bad, this eternal ‘mind quest’ for more knowledge reigns down upon human / AI kind each and every day. Our deep thirst for such a thing, in the midst of energetic times opens us up as slightly vulnerable in terms of allowing certain things in. {Our energetic sphere.}


The system as a whole is a program. A program no less that only some are waking up to. The core foundation for most us to earn money. Earn money, create power. To achieve these things in order to survive. On the cusp of this wave of information, the wars of history rage around us. It is prominent that us, as individual beings have a past- we all have ‘a history’. There is sadly a deception running counter to this very awakening, of the history we all hold.


As energetic beings, we absorb our knowledge. An absorption of information about a past we have to take for granted, what we see and hear about it. At times it comes with pictures. At times it comes with videos. At times it comes with maps. The age we frequent is a divided age no less. Man, women, genda, colour, cast, seed, race, tier based hierarchal system- that we wake to each day. Yet we still act in such a primitive manner. The race divide clearly still at play all over the earth. The ‘divide and conquer’ tactics the programmers have applied from the start still maintains its vice like grip on the peoples psyche.


Whereas more accounts of different histories are coming out, it is still evident that the race war is raging right down the middle of the narrative. In energetic terms we must ask – does this matter?

When I’m tact with the energetic divisions in full flight, no, the physical side here in the earthed ‘3D’ especially the past only accounts for so much . We now have been trained to have a interest in it. In the broader scheme of things it is a positive for us to look back, and take what we have gleaned from our past to use here in the present day to better our unseen future.


Living presently in the moment is key. Present for our mind soul and body, as the realms higher raised of a fresher frequency…. The quantum field opens up, for one to accept a new way of life. A different journey!


This being stated, balance is a main grounding block required. The requiem of good and evil ever present in this backwards timeline no less. The quantum field opening up in one’s mind to reveal the new, endless positivity of possibilities ready for the taking.

Quantum Creations


The Sea’s of the High Frequencies:

‘Creativity resides inside  all of our hearts and minds. The vessels simply need encouragement to come alive!’

With a sincere feeling of being very blessed right now. Even within my own ‘storm of darkness’, the Quantum Creations publicist – due to these very blessings, has made it through to another space in time’. Right here, right now – as we quantum jump together, we reach for the High Frequencies of the true audio treasure.

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset

Our minds a very active from the ‘stimulation basis’, with the fact that all creation requires some form of generation of the imagination. What better access point to help along ones creation point than music itself. The point being here is the fact that there many types of music. I am writing this from my own ‘Quantum standpoint.’ Creation itself, like us, is simply endless.

light creative abstract colorful

It does the creational zones a world of good in the experience of something new!

Pyrit, an immensely talented producer as well as an EMCEE, has produced and continues to produce such eloquent works of high quality audio levels on his tracks.(Simply HIGH QUALITY.) Sampling, the arrangement of chords, sections of his tracks, spanning from an outstandingly, wide spectrum.


Listening to the high grade works such as: Pyrit of the High Frequencies Vol – 1 -4.

{Moving image LiNKS LiVE! CLiCK TO BUY PYRIT MUSIC!!!}

Also: Pyrit of the High Frequencies Vol.5

 The Pyrit of the High Frequencies series which is available NOW! Boasts, track after track of amazing music from the digital audio spectrum. Highly awe inspiring, Pyrit brings that – unique one of a kind vibe.


Pyrit creates, whilst drawing deep, with the use of – urban, natural sampling elements. Combining this with: this century production techniques, Pyrit proves over and over why he is one of the best at what he does – producing dope tracks!

It’s a case of buy, select, relax play then breathe! What your body feels – your mind needs…





Word on the Seas of the High Frequencies, are: that ‘Act 6‘ will soon be available for the audio pleasures of the masses – highly awaited all over! Shout to Pyrit the grand creator!!!!




Remain aware that there is ONLY ONE – Pyrit of The High Frequencies. Beware of fake imitations

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