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OMEGA POINT 2 0 1 9 (Drum and Bass)

OMEGA POINT 2 0 1 9 For Eons the drum and bass scene has been inundated with new, on point artists who have grafted hard helping to shape the scene it is today. Nothing in life is easy – have you ever asked yourself that? Everything must be worked for, fought for, a whole endurance … Continue reading OMEGA POINT 2 0 1 9 (Drum and Bass)

The Electric Universe Pt.1 (Quantum)

The ‘electric universe’ is within, as it is – without. If you are ‘without’, you may need to – ‘tune in’ a little more. We are all of the energy. Different slight frequencies, separate signature’s yet from a very, very similar source… It is a given that in our everyday lives, situations, that we all … Continue reading The Electric Universe Pt.1 (Quantum)

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