It’s a FACT, that we are a WORLD of coffee LOVERS! Here at the home of Quantum Creations, coffee is also an integral part of the active day. It is also so within the everyday world of infrastructure, where people require a nice ‘lift’ during, as well as throughout their busy weekly day’s.

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The statistics are right off the chart, when it comes to just how much coffee is consumed on such an epic – global level. It was extremely fortunate, that – just the other day when a truly remarkable couple, within our family network came over. Amy’s nephew’s girlfriend who happens to come the beautiful throws of China itself, came over to meet us all for the first time. Amazingly so – not just with mediocre type gifts either!We were given a fresh sample of her luxurious coffee  brand whom she works for: FACT.COFFEE. {Please note that before we go any further – this is Premium Coffee.}


Amy – my fiancé has been a consistent ‘coffee connoisseur‘ for a few fair years now. I have recently completed a ‘360’ degrees turn around from my younger age, where I used to drink a lot of the instant coffee’s of my time. I then however, took a break for a few firm years of drinking any likewise drinks, within this time period. Over the last years of my maturity I have once again began to enjoy the flavours of the coffee trade – with an enlightened vigour!

FACT.COFFEE – is a premium brand. It’s beans are shipped direct from the motherland of coffee herself , no other than the prestigious Columbia. As soon as you open the seal to the highly, likable, uber stylish, silver container, you are instantly hit with the freshest smell of such vibrant, luxurious, coffee beans.


It was a big ‘first’ as myself and Amy had never made or prepared such a coffee from scratch before. Blessed with a ‘James Martin‘ blender we attached the correct head, then proceeded to grind!

Watch EXCLUSIVE Cooking and Mixing video below!

It’s with a nice confidence that we can say that FACT.COFFEE will be within the forefront of the international industry by the year of ‘2020’ no less. With an outclassing taste, smooth texture, creating quite exquisite experiences for your palate, it is without a doubt, that Fact Coffee is most centrally a leading brand, within  the premium stand.

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