Full Spectrum Dominance ‘2’

31.08.18 / 08.31.18 Get ready for the optimum follow up…

The year of 2018 has so far been: exiting, on point, adrenal glands supreme! Two behind the ‘2020 vision’ of another new age incoming. Canibus, the masterful rap master, Hip Hop’s creative, kinetic word BLASTER, Is BACK ,once again for this energy charged year…

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Was it not enough that Canibus the global, EMCEE leader put together ONE new album this year? Hailing:Full Spectrum Dominance‘ (.1) We’re not even out of summer yet, and the original Ripper is BACK…!

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Canibus 2018 Full Spectrum Dominance!


2018 – Full Spectrum Dominance: CANIBUS…!

The Beast from the East is BACK!!!!…

The turn of the year brought many changes. Time as we all know is a constant evolution of a forward mechanism process, here on mother earth. For better or for worse, we cannot physically ‘turn back time’.

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