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To measure greatness on equal levels can be a hard task to adjourn. Skill sets are born and forged out of many hours hard work discipline, sheathed within days of endless repetition. Powered by the creative inner energies we all poses.

This being said, there are the individuals who hold the gift of their creations forces, a birthright if you will. Such who are aware of their abilities, are todays modern day superheroes!

Living in an age โ€“ a timeline where the battle has most certainly already began, it is with the force and might of the divine that such people can now deliver the great message to help others who desperately need to hear and receive this.

Recent times have brought into play, artists able to channel their special abilities in the form of music / art- the arts. With this artist prominently shining through, his abilities strong and clear as a rapper, performer โ€“ Ryan Sanders, an exceptional artist. With recent risings on YouTube via Rise Above channel– has lit up the spot with his powerful, on point and above all truthful urban poet tracks.

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Main Rise Above Podcast– Featuring Ryan Sanders

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For the massive! {We wear the foil with pride!}

Check the times, set the vibes, Ryan Sanders, delivering the message, the hearts and minds!โ€ฆ

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Trauma {The Quantum Creations Mental Health publications} .Paper. 2

Trauma of any sort is not nice. Trauma many will say โ€˜is a part, if not a big part of life.โ€™Is this an agreeable question? We can relate that we all go through trauma of some description, whether it big or small amounts. The lives which we all lead, to a certain degree will always lead to a โ€˜trauma encounterโ€™ at some point in time.

Trauma comes in many forms, both physical and of course the mental too. Sometimes our experiences in the physical can lead to trauma in the mental, and likewise- vice versa.

Being in an abusive relationship or being held in a mentally abusive relationship can lead to large amounts of trauma on both fronts. Our minds being the vessel, which is tried out each day, people of manipulation relish this type of situation.

Objectively you could look upon this as a form of energy harvest. What is interesting is that some individuals believe that we are here for an over all good / positive experience, within our divine time on earth.

They feel that we should all be doing exactly what we want to do. (Within reason.) They believe that we should not be doing the mundane โ€˜9-5 work routineโ€™ most of us are forced to undertake. As the writer and editor of this text I whole heartedly agree. Then why do we choose to go ahead with such things, that cause and create such trauma within us?

Muscle memory is an active area we all use and exercise. We mainly carry out the daily routine, due to habit as well as being programmed to do so from a very early age. Once you are IN the โ€˜systemโ€™ it is usually fairly hard to get out of it. By getting out I refer to the working for yourself, creating your own income by oneโ€™s own means. (Many variables here.)

Trauma from the physical side of oneโ€™s inner being,especially from the young age is much harder to overcome. This is due to the young psyche becoming fractured at such a young age. Once this fracturing of sorts occurs there is no real going back, only a healing to take place โ€“ a mere forgiveness of the soul.

This can take many years, if at all for any amount of a โ€˜fixโ€™ to occur within the physical of the individual scared and traumatised for life. This is a reason. A main reason at that, why so many people take to drink and drugs to etch their way through the rest of this chaotic life. A traumatic experience at such a young age, abuse in the physical or the mental, or both can have disastrous effects on oneโ€™s livelihood.

Every action has a reaction, and so forth and so on throughout the timeline of eternal energy.
Abusers themselves have in turn surfed abuse from others at times, or in fact a high frequency of times in their lives, they have suffered abuse from family members, other evil doers. Due to poor communication, fear. Lack of knowledge the abused will not report the trauma, abuse taking place,then in turn keep the cycle of abuse alive. The most poignant part of this story is that innocent people are victim to such folly.

We must ask at this stage what causes an individual to go of piest so much? Programming was referenced above; this has a part to play here. Programming from the great narrative, again as our mind is so easily influenced. We take in so much information it can easily get to the โ€˜overload stageโ€™.

Once reached this then creates a trauma point in oneโ€™s mind / life. If such a point is reached within the adolescent years, it can really affect the child in developing socially, with other long lasting remaining factors to the individualโ€™s mental health growing up, into the adult life span. The individual may very well experience โ€˜trauma pointsโ€™ along their journey. These could occur at any time, arriving in a series of different forms, normally of the behavioural variety connected directly to the individual concerned.

Trauma points developed โ€˜pre womb eraโ€™ of the individual, it is subjective that if external trauma is taking place with both parent figures during time of birth, that this can also create a trauma point to the foetus whilst it incubates in the womb.

This is a primary reason all parents / mothers should be in a state of relaxation and calm throughout the birthing to early child time periods. Again โ€“ in the lifestyles that we are all forced to so precariously live within, this is simply not a possible feat to achieve. Trauma is septic, trauma is transmissive. Trauma of the body, trauma of the mind. Many different varieties, many different kinds.

Avoiding trauma. This is virtually impossible. The stronger โ€˜alphaโ€™ dominance of a person will be able to deal with it a lot easier than a โ€˜weakerโ€™ counterpart. Once again, the variants of the human psyche field are vast, due to us all being individual in nature, then having different emotional balances within ourselves.

(Balance is the key word here.) The person of or โ€“ โ€˜fromโ€™ trauma will be carrying the scars potentially for their entire life cycle on this earth. It seems a harsh term to phrase, however this is where โ€˜acceptanceโ€™ comes into play. This alone is a main tool to use to combat your inner turmoil, troubles, trauma-based pain.

Using awarenesss, acceptance / awareness of acceptance of oneโ€™s own personal situation coupled with other possible techniques, of the mind basis, thought process, connected back to the root of healing โ€“ via ones very own vibrational system, can prove to be most effective with such victims of trauma. Learning of awareness, self-awareness then activating the energy to remain โ€˜presentโ€™ in each given moment- will in turn distance the victim from the past trauma, with small amounts of reflection time โ€“ this can become a valuable asset to use in the healing process journey.

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Josh Parrick Photography 2020+

The right perspective, the right frame, the best exposure make a booking with Josh Parrick Photography, TODAY!- Great focus, outstanding structure.

Choose the professional whose good with the camera.

Josh Parrick brings incredible high def shots with great perception of depth and colour, each shot unique as the moment it happened, Josh Parrick captures the occasion with precise timing- Josh Parrick Photography is perfect for live events, studio sessions and much, much more.

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HONDA – The ELECTRIC, new age!!!

HONDA – The ELECTRIC new age:

With an emergence of slightly โ€“ โ€˜unsettled timesโ€™ especially within the U.K.the everyday person still must charge and drive their vehicle to their place of work,to go to the shops, the car is an integral part of everyoneโ€™s daily lives and routine, here in the twenty first century. ย  Hundreds of thousands of people rely on their cars, their automobiles to get them from A to B efficiently and effectively.

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From: ‘school runs to weekend funโ€™, family and friends, making new inroads on those – oh so important car journey errands. Everything is about the bridge; from far to near, keeping your connections open, itโ€™s all good you hear!? Stay in the right motor, stay in the right gear!

Within this diverse world, itโ€™s all about avoiding that fume pollution โ€“ heading towards a destination with an eco-friendly solution, you will feel that you are on a narrow road, and path. However, things will begin to change when you foresee, our own โ€˜electric changeโ€™โ€ฆ

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Honda, a world creator โ€“ a world dealer. A creator, innovator dealership who always strive to provide you with the best, safest, luxurious future. Honda: delivering true excellence from their day one. Now is the time to and find it. If you canโ€™t go all the way- then: go hybrid!

Honda at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show
Honda creating the optimum motor vehicle right, for whatever climate. Honda โ€“ committed to the change, committed to the times. Their innovative development does not just stop with the electrification of automotive, vehicles. The charge, battery electric will also be playing a huge, new part with the fresh introduction of a brand new โ€“ comprehensive range of exclusive vehicles, which will emit; ZERO emissions. These new vehicles will be able to be seen within the next up and coming years or so. (Live on our roads & streets.)

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Exciting times we live. In exciting times we drive: This being the first time in infinity โ€“ EVER, where the Honda CR-V will be accessible with a hybrid drivetrain. As you can see, it is freshly presented with a crisp, dynamic, very much โ€“ futuristic look. Boasting: solid, muscular wheel arches complete with sleek, sharp contours from front to back. The updated CR-V Hybrid system combines real โ€“ world competence, along with a truly seamless driving experience.


The worlds most favoured SUV holds all the respectable hall marks which made it the huge accomplishment it was at first. A true inspiration within the motoring world. The new Hybrid drivetrain now available, is readily equipped with an: i-MMD two motor system. This combines both: petrol power, along with the instant response of an electrical motor, making it highly โ€“ smooth, efficient, reliable as well as splendidly quiet.

HONDA – their electric future:

Hondaโ€™s continued; drive and commitment to electrification within their prized creations, of premium motor vehicles, doesnโ€™t stop there. With the highly innovative development of hybrid, and hybrid automotive generation vehicle creations. Honda are striving to make battery electric play a new roll in the comprehensive range of โ€˜ZERO EMMISION vehiclesโ€™ – over the next coming years, herby making the world itself a much healthier place to inhabit.



Our man, from Japan, the Lon – Don at the end: MR SPARKLe says himself:

Mr SPARKLe โ€œDriving in London is stressful due to road works and heavy traffic. It can be a struggle to find parking too. On top of that, you have to pay congestion charge to drive through central. I am thankful that HONDA have always had good sound systems fitted as standard. Iโ€™ve never had Bluetooth in the car before and itโ€™s amazing to stream music from my phone just like that. Deep respects to Mr Soichiro Honda, who oversaw his companyโ€™s expansion from a wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors to a multinational”…. automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.โ€



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