Canibus 2018 Full Spectrum Dominance!


2018 – Full Spectrum Dominance: CANIBUS…!

The Beast from the East is BACK!!!!…

The turn of the year brought many changes. Time as we all know is a constant evolution of a forward mechanism process, here on mother earth. For better or for worse, we cannot physically ‘turn back time’.

Greatness cannot be destroyedGreatness cannot be destroyed! Greatness cannot be destroyed!

It is with rapturous vigour, that I am able to alert you to the news that – CANIBUS, futurist Hip – Hop & Rap star, recording artist, has created a brand new album for the year of: 2018 – FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. The release date is around the 22.06.18. This highly sought after album can be pre ordered NOW! Full Spectrum Dominance can ONLY be found at: <- CLiCK the LiNK to order – NOW!!


The album once again, as ever features HEAVY Bars, Beats accompanied by likewise –classic Bis delivery! I have by now made my pre-order. As you can tell this is not a ‘album review’. I can testify (ahead of time!) that once again; the true excellence that we have grown accustomed to by Canibus, this shall be captured once again, whilst also being elevated by today’s new production techniques from the studio – star ship mixing desk quarters!

VM ATTIRE Canibus article! (Live NOW!)


Shouts out to the A1 producer – Pyrit Music, respects and blessings to all the other mixing board creators who have contributed to this latest work of art!

It’s all blessed – nothing less! So, with no delay, signal open, pre-order FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE TODAYit’s time to expirence the REAL!!!

Keep it set, without fret, – Quantum…..

Created by:

D.Hill. /Demonz Ink / Angels THiNK.x.



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