Mental Health Week- {A Quantum Paper.}

Mental health. Mental health week. Quantum Creations really hopes that your mental health is not weak.

Looking at this from a longer viewpoint, really each and every day of the week should be ‘mental health week.’ Life at the best of times is not easy. It’s not easy living or even surviving in this matrix of the physical we all co inhabit, wake up and for the most part share together. Mental health manifests differently for each individual. To the most part the high percentage of people outwardly look, or would appear to not have any physical signs of mental health. This is the classic separation of the lives we Co exist within.


Anxiety is a manifestation of mental health. (Inside the inner mind.) It is said that ‘fear’ and ‘excitement’ are one and the same. Looking at this from an energetic standpoint this makes perfect clarity. Fear,danger, excitement– the ultimate endorphin release we all crave, yet loathe to have. Excitement is the substance we crave, not really wanting the fear side of it to take hold too much. Many enjoy horror films, rollercoaster rides at theme parks. Many enjoy the likes of bunji jumping, sky diving to name a few adrenaline packed activities. Once again my friends it is the so ever thin vale, the line between ‘do and don’t’… The limitless, no boundaries how far are going to take things synopsis.

No limits!


Mental health however has less control when manifesting in the physical here in earth. Intrusive thoughts. A racing mind. A racing mind with intrusive thoughts – can you imagine? To add to that, a racing mind with intrusive thoughts, plus a physical reaction for all to see!…

The pivotal point here of ‘control’. If / when one is not in / or appears, feels that they are not in control themselves this trauma point can become extremely problematic. The moment a person feels they are losing control of a situation, energy is changed as a direct result with elements such as ‘fear’ and ‘excitement’ boiling over like a happy go lucky volcano.

For the individual experiencing such a thing this can be distressful to them on much more ‘hyper’ level. The activation of fear, or the ‘fear complex’ itself can indeed come into play. This is like the entire mind is infested with fear. For many this would be a mere irrational concept, for the individual going through it well it can feel truly terrifying. This is the power of the mind.

If an attack occurs it is good to try and execute the practice of ‘awareness’. Whereas there is no true ‘quick fix’ the return to ‘zero point’ or – ‘return to source’ can in turn act as a fairly good immobiliser. You must remember that the brains neuro energy will be going overdrive. The overall intrusive thoughts simply streaming through the conscious levels of existence. This making it much more ‘hyper real’ within the fear factor for the individual having this overall somber experience. One must see – the awareness of what is taking place.

Take time out from the live situation. If it is in an inside environment then go outside. Take some conscious deep breaths. Close the eyes. Return to the ‘slow’, the ‘still’, the ‘calm’ – the SOURCE. After all, it’s only as real as it feels right?

As stated previously there is no quick fix. For the most part it is dealing with the aftermath. Learning to ‘let go’. Remain in the present hereafter and not dwell on the experience too much. This is easier said than done, as any true mental health sufferer will tell you- is all part of the process.

Let go….

One can subsequently obsess to a dangerous level after such attacks. As this is what they are no less. A stigma within a stigma. A complex within a complex. Talking about it helps. Talking to a loved one. Talking to a professional will help. Many levels, for the many spectrums. Don’t suffer alone – talk before there becomes too many skeletons….

Rest,sleep, personal wellness is integral for all mental health stimulation. If you have not already heard- Sleep Frequencerz are producing leading meditation, restful Hz.. Open- play, ‘Stream As You Dream’… 💭


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