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Rest is a much needed component for each and every one of us. At times it is the dropping into rest itself which can become a little problematic.

Sleep Frequencerz

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Mental Health Week publication QC.

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Mental Health Week- {A Quantum Paper.}

Mental health. Mental health week. Quantum Creations really hopes that your mental health is not weak.

Looking at this from a longer viewpoint, really each and every day of the week should be ‘mental health week.’ Life at the best of times is not easy. It’s not easy living or even surviving in this matrix of the physical we all co inhabit, wake up and for the most part share together. Mental health manifests differently for each individual. To the most part the high percentage of people outwardly look, or would appear to not have any physical signs of mental health. This is the classic separation of the lives we Co exist within.


Anxiety is a manifestation of mental health. (Inside the inner mind.) It is said that ‘fear’ and ‘excitement’ are one and the same. Looking at this from an energetic standpoint this makes perfect clarity. Fear,danger, excitement– the ultimate endorphin release we all crave, yet loathe to have. Excitement is the substance we crave, not really wanting the fear side of it to take hold too much. Many enjoy horror films, rollercoaster rides at theme parks. Many enjoy the likes of bunji jumping, sky diving to name a few adrenaline packed activities. Once again my friends it is the so ever thin vale, the line between ‘do and don’t’… The limitless, no boundaries how far are going to take things synopsis.

No limits!


Mental health however has less control when manifesting in the physical here in earth. Intrusive thoughts. A racing mind. A racing mind with intrusive thoughts – can you imagine? To add to that, a racing mind with intrusive thoughts, plus a physical reaction for all to see!…

The pivotal point here of ‘control’. If / when one is not in / or appears, feels that they are not in control themselves this trauma point can become extremely problematic. The moment a person feels they are losing control of a situation, energy is changed as a direct result with elements such as ‘fear’ and ‘excitement’ boiling over like a happy go lucky volcano.

For the individual experiencing such a thing this can be distressful to them on much more ‘hyper’ level. The activation of fear, or the ‘fear complex’ itself can indeed come into play. This is like the entire mind is infested with fear. For many this would be a mere irrational concept, for the individual going through it well it can feel truly terrifying. This is the power of the mind.

If an attack occurs it is good to try and execute the practice of ‘awareness’. Whereas there is no true ‘quick fix’ the return to ‘zero point’ or – ‘return to source’ can in turn act as a fairly good immobiliser. You must remember that the brains neuro energy will be going overdrive. The overall intrusive thoughts simply streaming through the conscious levels of existence. This making it much more ‘hyper real’ within the fear factor for the individual having this overall somber experience. One must see – the awareness of what is taking place.

Take time out from the live situation. If it is in an inside environment then go outside. Take some conscious deep breaths. Close the eyes. Return to the ‘slow’, the ‘still’, the ‘calm’ – the SOURCE. After all, it’s only as real as it feels right?

As stated previously there is no quick fix. For the most part it is dealing with the aftermath. Learning to ‘let go’. Remain in the present hereafter and not dwell on the experience too much. This is easier said than done, as any true mental health sufferer will tell you- is all part of the process.

Let go….

One can subsequently obsess to a dangerous level after such attacks. As this is what they are no less. A stigma within a stigma. A complex within a complex. Talking about it helps. Talking to a loved one. Talking to a professional will help. Many levels, for the many spectrums. Don’t suffer alone – talk before there becomes too many skeletons….

Rest,sleep, personal wellness is integral for all mental health stimulation. If you have not already heard- Sleep Frequencerz are producing leading meditation, restful Hz.. Open- play, ‘Stream As You Dream’… 💭


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Trauma {The Quantum Creations Mental Health publications} .Paper. 2

Trauma of any sort is not nice. Trauma many will say ‘is a part, if not a big part of life.’Is this an agreeable question? We can relate that we all go through trauma of some description, whether it big or small amounts. The lives which we all lead, to a certain degree will always lead to a ‘trauma encounter’ at some point in time.

Trauma comes in many forms, both physical and of course the mental too. Sometimes our experiences in the physical can lead to trauma in the mental, and likewise- vice versa.

Being in an abusive relationship or being held in a mentally abusive relationship can lead to large amounts of trauma on both fronts. Our minds being the vessel, which is tried out each day, people of manipulation relish this type of situation.

Objectively you could look upon this as a form of energy harvest. What is interesting is that some individuals believe that we are here for an over all good / positive experience, within our divine time on earth.

They feel that we should all be doing exactly what we want to do. (Within reason.) They believe that we should not be doing the mundane ‘9-5 work routine’ most of us are forced to undertake. As the writer and editor of this text I whole heartedly agree. Then why do we choose to go ahead with such things, that cause and create such trauma within us?

Muscle memory is an active area we all use and exercise. We mainly carry out the daily routine, due to habit as well as being programmed to do so from a very early age. Once you are IN the ‘system’ it is usually fairly hard to get out of it. By getting out I refer to the working for yourself, creating your own income by one’s own means. (Many variables here.)

Trauma from the physical side of one’s inner being,especially from the young age is much harder to overcome. This is due to the young psyche becoming fractured at such a young age. Once this fracturing of sorts occurs there is no real going back, only a healing to take place – a mere forgiveness of the soul.

This can take many years, if at all for any amount of a ‘fix’ to occur within the physical of the individual scared and traumatised for life. This is a reason. A main reason at that, why so many people take to drink and drugs to etch their way through the rest of this chaotic life. A traumatic experience at such a young age, abuse in the physical or the mental, or both can have disastrous effects on one’s livelihood.

Every action has a reaction, and so forth and so on throughout the timeline of eternal energy.
Abusers themselves have in turn surfed abuse from others at times, or in fact a high frequency of times in their lives, they have suffered abuse from family members, other evil doers. Due to poor communication, fear. Lack of knowledge the abused will not report the trauma, abuse taking place,then in turn keep the cycle of abuse alive. The most poignant part of this story is that innocent people are victim to such folly.

We must ask at this stage what causes an individual to go of piest so much? Programming was referenced above; this has a part to play here. Programming from the great narrative, again as our mind is so easily influenced. We take in so much information it can easily get to the ‘overload stage’.

Once reached this then creates a trauma point in one’s mind / life. If such a point is reached within the adolescent years, it can really affect the child in developing socially, with other long lasting remaining factors to the individual’s mental health growing up, into the adult life span. The individual may very well experience ‘trauma points’ along their journey. These could occur at any time, arriving in a series of different forms, normally of the behavioural variety connected directly to the individual concerned.

Trauma points developed ‘pre womb era’ of the individual, it is subjective that if external trauma is taking place with both parent figures during time of birth, that this can also create a trauma point to the foetus whilst it incubates in the womb.

This is a primary reason all parents / mothers should be in a state of relaxation and calm throughout the birthing to early child time periods. Again – in the lifestyles that we are all forced to so precariously live within, this is simply not a possible feat to achieve. Trauma is septic, trauma is transmissive. Trauma of the body, trauma of the mind. Many different varieties, many different kinds.

Avoiding trauma. This is virtually impossible. The stronger ‘alpha’ dominance of a person will be able to deal with it a lot easier than a ‘weaker’ counterpart. Once again, the variants of the human psyche field are vast, due to us all being individual in nature, then having different emotional balances within ourselves.

(Balance is the key word here.) The person of or – ‘from’ trauma will be carrying the scars potentially for their entire life cycle on this earth. It seems a harsh term to phrase, however this is where ‘acceptance’ comes into play. This alone is a main tool to use to combat your inner turmoil, troubles, trauma-based pain.

Using awarenesss, acceptance / awareness of acceptance of one’s own personal situation coupled with other possible techniques, of the mind basis, thought process, connected back to the root of healing – via ones very own vibrational system, can prove to be most effective with such victims of trauma. Learning of awareness, self-awareness then activating the energy to remain ‘present’ in each given moment- will in turn distance the victim from the past trauma, with small amounts of reflection time – this can become a valuable asset to use in the healing process journey.

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‘Toxic People’ An online state of mind.

All people are toxic! Shock horror. Knowingly or unknowingly, voluntary, or involuntary.

It takes a lifetime to remove toxic habits. It takes a keen awareness to remain aware that one has them in the first place. (Anger, pride, jealousy, lust,) All in the mix of people’s behaviours, which contribute to the online soup.

In this day and age where the heightened decent of social media, completing the urge to remain ‘connected’ to others as well as the thread of social affairs is paramount. We as an urbanised whole spend so much time logged into the social media forefront. Whether it’s social media sites as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn or even WhatsApp, all to remain connected to what’s going on externally.

It has become like you need to ‘feed’ off of the updates. You are always scrolling to see more content to ‘feed’ your mind. Returning to your many social media outlets to check on ‘likes’ ‘comments’. In reality – (whatever that maybe in this age!…)

This is a direct ‘energy transfer’ of sorts. With monopolisation of social media ‘gurus’, vying for the top spot of information of sorts to bring to you. Only a sparse few bring you the truth.

It truly is ‘information overload’ out here! What you must remember is, that this being – a direct energy transfer of sorts, that these people are projecting their own thoughts, feelings, objectives, (words / word) ‘spells’, and emotion’s, beliefs, points of view, rhetoric, personal choices, onto / into you. Each time you take part, at even looking at a basic post online – a basic MEME. This is provoking a mental stimuli in your brain, thus causing a reaction as well as a ‘mental action’.

In a sense they have you acting in your own individual way, as the media moguls do themselves.

The age of information’. It does not sleep, the great world wide web, broadcasting, transmitting 24/7 – 365 and beyond! They have you as the journalists, broadcasters of today. Bringing the pain and suffering they create to the forefront of others lives.

The culture we now choose to immerse ourselves in is online, it is – ‘an online culture’. This works both ways, as this plays into how and what you also chose to post, likewise who you choose to share it with. (Or which audience to target.) Whoever the others are across the spectrum of your social media platforms.


Do you ever stop and think – “What have I just shared with this person? – Is this a good thing I am suggesting?” Because we are all different, we all have different levels of emotions, concepts and cognitive processing abilities, yet we rarely stop and think of our action’s. This in itself is a ‘toxic’ trait. A ‘toxic action’. Due to the fact that: ‘everything is energy’.

Say for instance that you suggest something to someone, they don’t know how to respond to your suggestion, for one reason or another. It could for instance make them feel uncomfortable. Yet you still suggest it, then follow up on this after they don’t respond to you. This can create barriers. This is having a direct effecton the person you are communicating with. This is why ‘cyber bullying’ is now a thing. This is true toxic behaviour in full force.

It seems that many of us have been forgetting of how toxic interactions / toxic actions,effect the wellbeing of others that they interact with. Posting can seem harmless, when in fact it is causing a ‘trigger’ in some people on a negative level. The ‘vying for affection’ runs deep. The want – the need to be liked. To be seen and heard in an otherwise white noise world, is sucking so many people in on the basis that they are the one who will be chosen. This also clashes with the business owners, the ‘want to be business owners’. The start-up companies, the ones who are trying to get noticed like he people with the ‘blue ticks’ on their accounts. It is a vast, endless exchange of energy which sucks a certain life force from you. (Your energy / soul essence.)

With the emergence of AI now permanently on the scene, the reason on why the internet was let loose when it was, with the us all being on the cusp of a new digital dawn. (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) in full effect, steamrolling us all towards an unknown future for many. One must always remember that the ones who brought us the technology, are not necessarily for us. (As a good collective.)

The recent events with COVID have highlighted the fact that the ‘want for this obsessive connection’ has caused a direct increase in the collective’s mental health. The frequency of how much time you spend ‘online’ can determine this. The key is awareness, as once again there is much of the ‘unseen’ taking place when you are active in online processes. As the great saying goes- ‘all good things in moderation’.

Mental health is a top priority for one and all. It comes as no surprise that there are many options when looking or needing help- especially at very short notice.

This being said, depending on what level of mental health acquisition you are at personally, always ask for help. Wether this be a confident, a friend, family member or a paid professional in the field. Talking about it can really make a good difference in the future scheme of things. Yet, at times of the hardship we mainly only have ourselves. So being your own ‘rock’ councillor can be a great solid attribute to have….


Sir Paul Grimes {The Big Dog Feature} Pt.1

Sir Paul Grimes {The Big Dog Feature} Pt.1

The world ever changing as it is, in constant harmonics with man and nature. There are certain people who align with their harmony synchronised with nature. Quantum Creations being ‘nature conscious ‘ proudly bring to you – the kid people and crew, a unique incredible feature full of enrichment and new enlightenment for you.

Quantum Creations asks you sit comfortably, stay chill be relaxed and enjoy this epic feature.
Sir Paul Grimes works very closely in the animal world – with dogs to be precise. So without further ado- here is

Sir Paul Grimes!

Paul thank you so much for joining Quantum Creations today, taking our time and energy to and message alike to the forefront.
For the people out here, please tell them what it is you do – (feel free to drop your official title!)

“I am currently working as a Dog Warden for a company which sub-contracts the service for 28 different borough councils, covering Oxford all the way down to Bromley on the south London/Kent borders. I spend most of my time covering Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire though which is where I live.

“My job largely involves collecting stray dogs, which can pose a risk to public safety, as they can cause cars to serve and crash, attack other dogs who are out walking on a lead with their owners, intimidate young children and of course foul on public pathways and even people’s gardens and while they are out straying there is nobody to pick it up. I also deal with barking complaints, dog attacks and issuing Fixed Penalty Notices for people who do not pick up their dog’s faeces.”

“Over the years I have worked in a number of roles with animals spanning a 22 year career, consisting of a Veterinary Nurse, a Patient Care Assistant at The Royal Veterinary College, an Animal Welfare Officer in North West London, and now my current role as a Dog Warden.”

You (sadly) see a lot of ill treatment within the dog world – how do you deal with this?..

Sir Paul Grimes

“I have seen some horrific things in the dog world. More than I should have in the 21st Century. Both inside and outside of work unfortunately. I have seen dogs so starved you can see every single vertebrae in their spine and count every single rib. I have witnessed dogs being beaten, kicked, stamped on, sprayed air freshener in their eyes and even on one occasion strangled.”

“I have seen a dog attacked in its own house by 6 other dogs who lived at the property and the dog was so badly injured it left a trail of blood and pus on the carpet and the owner refused to take it to the vet for emergency treatment.”

“I have seen an elderly dog with painful arthritis almost crippling it, dumped in a park and laid on top of some fly tipping while it was still alive and left there to die.”

“When I worked as an Animal Welfare Officer in North West London, I was covering areas including Harlesden, Kensal Green, Stonebridge, Park Royal and Wembley. These are real poverty stricken areas with a very high crime rate, involving gang violence, regular shootings and murders.”

“This lifestyle sadly filters down to the animals on street level. I was once called as an emergency by a couple of bin men who were working and collecting all the rubbish. Just to set the scene, in London some borough councils do not issue wheely bins to their residents, so people have to dump piles of bin bags in the street outside their house for the bin men to collect.”

“On this occasion, one of the bin men was throwing the bin bags and boxes into the dust lorry, and for some reason he opened one cardboard box before he threw it into the back of the lorry as he said it felt heavy. As he peeled back the sellotape, a mother cat with 5 young kittens were inside. If that man hadn’t thought to peel off the sellotape that day, that cat and kittens would have been crushed to death in the back of the lorry.

Another occasion I was in the office and took a call from a lady who lived in Harlesden, and she said she has 2 young children and has just come out of hospital having a complicated birth of her 3rd child. She informed me that she has been in hospital for 3 weeks, and her 2 children were staying with their grandmother during this time.”

“The next thing she said shocked me with the calmness and lack of empathy in her voice . She said that she has a dog, and that during the 3 week period she had been in hospital, she had not made any arrangements for somebody to take care of the dog, so she said when she came home she left the newborn baby in the car, and asked her 2 young children to stand in the front garden, as she wanted to go into the house and remove the dead dog out of the house and into the garden shed before the kids saw it. To her shock (and mine ) the dog was still alive. Barely.”

“I drove round there in the van with little regard for the Highway Code, and was met with a bull breed mix type dog which I could only describe as a Skelton that was still breathing . The poor dog was so weak it couldn’t even stand up. I carried it out of there and placed it on a blanket in the kennel in the back of the van. As I pulled up outside her house I had the forethought to switch my phone to video mode in my pocket and managed to record a full voice confession from her which was later used to prosecute her in Court. Surprisingly the dog managed to make a full recovery and was rehomed to some people with compassion and morals, unlike the original owner.”

“The way I see it, if you want to change it you have to be in it. You can’t change things from sitting at home and signing a petition on your laptop.”

“So in order to help animals most in need and educate people to change how they deal with their animals , you have to be out on the streets and be able to communicate with them. My need to help and educate in order to prevent future suffering over rides my emotions of sadness and despair.”

You’ve been in some pretty hairy (pardon the pun!) … situations is there any you can share with us here?..

Sir Paul Grimes

“I have certainly been in some hairy situations brother. One occasion in particular stands out…. I was in my current role as a Dog Warden, and it was around summer 2019. A call had come in early that morning saying someone had been woken up at 2am by dogs barking in their back garden, blah blah blah I didn’t even finish reading the job as I had 2 or 3 jobs to do before I could even make my way down to that job.”

“Anyway, it was around 8.30am ish and I began making my way to these other jobs. 2pm came, and I was finally heading down to this job, down Surrey way. It was a couple hours drive so by the time I pulled up it was around 3.30/4.00pm on a hot summers day. It was a hamlet out in the countryside, no pavements,no lamp posts, just country lanes covered in dirt and dust. I pull up to this large bungalow which was doing it a disservice classing it as a bungalow because although it was all on one level, it was still bigger than most people’s houses.”

“As I pull into the gravel driveway, an elderly gentleman comes out of the front door and waved at me.I wave back and stagger out of the van. It had been a long drive. The man says ‘thank god you are here, they’ve been going crazy since 2am!’ So I think to myself these dogs have been going crazy for the last 14 hours or so, so I ask the elderly gentleman has he been able to go out in the garden with the dogs, to which he replied he did try unlocking his back door but when they saw him they launched at the back door with such force the gentleman thought they were going to smash through the glass and attack him.”

“Righto I said. It was going to be one of those jobs . I asked the gentleman to show me where they were, and he lead me around the property to a back gate. I remained on the outside, and looked in. The garden was vast and immaculately maintained. The sort of garden you would see at the Chelsea Flower Show. In the middle of the garden, I could see 2 large dogs. The job came through saying they were 2 German Shepherds , but these were much bigger.”

“I whistled loudly and it immediately set them off, barking, charging towards me , sprinting now, focused purely on me outside this gate . When they reached the gate, they were jumping up, looking me in the eye, teeth and fangs and saliva flying everywhere.”

“They were 2 Causcasian Ovcharka dogs. I’d say this was any Dog Warden’s worst nightmare. I was tired, a good 2 hours from home, sweating already, and now I was faced with 2 Caucasian Ovcharka’s who in all likelihood will attack me.

As big as an average human!..

I took 5 mins to look around, I like to check out escape routes, plan my way in, have a Plan B in place etc. There was nobody else I could call for assistance, the night team was due to start at 4pm, I knew they were coming on to at least a couple of jobs already and they were hours away at best. The police weren’t interested, and these dogs had already been in the man’s garden for 14 hours. Reluctantly I backed the van right up to the gate, and opened the back doors and the inside cage doors.

I got a couple of slip leads around my neck, a dog grasper in one hand, and a pocket full of Bakers Complete. I approached the gate, pretending I couldn’t see the 160kg of teeth and fangs infront of my face, while I looked around the garden for any cover should things go wrong. There was nothing. No shed, no childrens slide, no water fountain. Nothing except immaculately cut grass and award winning flower beds.”

“I turned to the elderly gentleman and asked him ‘you havnt got any garden furniture have you mate ?’ To which he went away and came back with a plastic deckchair . That’ll do I said . So, armed with a plastic deckchair in one hand, a dog grasper in the other, 2 slip leads around my neck and a pocket full of Baker’s Complete, I approached the gate.”

“The man asked me if I wanted a hand, to which I must admit to laughing a bit at inside, as this elderly gentleman was very frail, thin and slow, and I was thinking I was walking to my fate even attempting this job, yet this man is actually asking would I like a hand lol. I thought to myself this man will be killed within 2 minutes. Hell, I might be killed within 2 minutes! I politely but firmly said no Thankyou. I said please whatever happens, do not come outside, stay in your house and keep the door locked.”

“No matter what happens. The last thing I need is to be trying to keep an eye open for his safety as well as my own. Something had caught the dogs attention because they had charged over to one corner of the garden lunging for something else, God only knows what, but I saw this opportunity and I took it. I walked through the gate, closed it behind me , and walked out into the middle of the garden.”

“I held the deckchair with what can only be described as a vice like grip, with the legs pointing away from me , and my grasper firmly in my other hand. I spoke to the dogs in a loud and firm voice to get their attention. The dogs saw me and both came charging for me. I had around 8 seconds before they reached me.”

“In this time, I thought about other job opportunities I could have pursued over the years, and how I’d come to end up in this situation. The dogs were now right infront of me, barking deep barks, they are looking into my eyes, I can feel their breath on my face, and they are circling around me. I noticed one is more confident than the other, so I fixate on that one. I immediately realised I was at a huge disadvantage (no shit), as I had no cover behind me.”

“I was walking around in circles, deckchair legs being bitten as these 2 dogs tried to find a way to get me. I shouted at them loudly and fiercely and swore at them when they lunged for me. It gave me a few seconds to get to a bush on one side of the garden, where I kept my back touching the bush. The bush was too large and too thick for the dogs to walk through, so I could put all my energy into looking forward at the dogs infront of me . Bang, the dogs teeth took hold of the deckchair leg again, and it took all of my strength to hold on to it to prevent the dogs from running off with it, leaving me totally exposed.”

“With my grasper under my armpit, I grabbed a handful of bakers complete and threw it on the grass infront of me. It probably wouldn’t do anything but in the back of my mind I still had the notion that these dogs hadn’t eaten for at least 14 plus hours. To my amazement, the more confident dog began to sniff the food on the grass. Then it ate a couple of pieces.”

“I got my grasper and positioned the hoop on the grass, directly over some of the food. The dog went to eat a couple more bits, then I quickly lifted the grasper over its head and pulled the cord tight. GOT HIM !”

“It was a bitter sweet moment , as I had secured the more confident, what I classed as dangerous dog, safely on the grasper, but what I hadn’t planned for was for this 60kg pissed off dog to suddenly start doing the crocodile death roll, dragging me further away from the bush that had been protecting my back, whilst still carrying a deckchair. The next problem I encountered was as this dog was doing the crocodile death roll, the other dog thought I was killing it , so lunged for me with more ferociousness than the dog I already had on the grasper.”

“As much as I tried, the dog got through and bit my boot. I shook it off, it then circled and tried to attack me from behind, I jabbed it in the face with the deckchair, then it came for me again, this time my grip had gone on the deckchair, I was dripping with sweat and couldnt hold it firmly , the dog lunged for me again and I just managed to move my leg out of its reach.”

“I readjusted my grip on the deckchair, and began to pull the dog on the grasper towards the back gate. What seemed like hours was probably 3 or 4 minutes in reality, but I eventually got to that back gate, dog still on grasper, deckchair still in other hand, other dog still trying to circle me, sweat still dripping off me, but I had made it. I opened the gate, and now had to get myself, the deckchair, and the dog on the grasper through the gate, without the loose dog getting out. With some choice swear words, I managed it.”

“Furthermore I managed to get this dog safely in the back of the van and slam the door shut . I took the grasper off from outside the cage door. There was no way I was attempting to scan this thing for a microchip. If I tried that I knew the next place I would be going is hospital .
Well, I breathed a sigh of relief, one down, one to go….. .”

“Back I went, trusty deckchair and grasper in my hands. This time though, as I entered the garden through the gate, the second dog’s behaviour changed. The barking had stopped, and it’s body language was softer. I still didn’t trust it, but I didn’t feel like this dog was trying to attack me anymore.”

“I realised this dog took direction from the first dog, and now that the first dog was in the back of my van, this dog didn’t know what to do. I slowly walked up to the dog, and put a slip lead over its head. I walked through the gate thinking to myself this is unbelievable, if only this house had cctv. I was able to scan the second dog for a microchip, and place it safely in the back of tha van.”

“I was able to contact the dog’s owner via the microchip, and when I spoke with the lady owner, she said ‘ whatever you do don’t go near them they are guard dogs and will bite’.
Thanks for that I thought. I had some words of advice for the owner about keeping her dogs under control and how they are a danger to public safety and they must never get out loose in public again. I’ll never forget that day, and there are only 2 people in the whole world who witnessed it, myself, and that elderly man whose house it was”.

How do you go about training a dog from scratch?

Sir Paul Grimes

“Getting a new dog and training it from scratch takes time, repetition and consistency. My dogs work for their food through obedience commands and hand feeding. I do a lot of Environmental Conditioning which helps create a confident, well-rounded dog who is able to feel calm in a variety of different places and situations.”

“For example, I encourage my dogs to jump up on to walls so they gain confidence when elevated, I take them to shopping centres and ask them to do nothing but hold a down-stay while 50 or 60 people walk past them and my dogs are required to just ignore them, I try and find as many different surfaces to expose them to as possible, for example tiles, plastic, carpet, metal stairs, etc etc.”

“The power of play is very important too! Use the power of play as a great reward system for correct behaviours offered. Some people get a dog and buy 8 different toys and leave them on the floor all day long and go off to work, well all the dog does is chew and rip the toys up, then next week the owner goes out and replaces those toys with new toys, same thing happens, because nobody is interacting with those toys with the dog!”

“The toys themselves are worthless, but when the owner plays with the toys with their dog they become priceless!”

Tell us about a highly positive success story you have been involved with!

Sir Paul Grimes

We can use this as a success story ☝🏼

“I have many success story’s, but one very recently stands out. I was at work and the office called me to say there had been reports of illegal hare coursing in an area of countryside close to where I live, and a stray dog had been sighted on a number of occasions over the past couple of days. I made my way out to the location and was driving up some country lanes when I saw a loose dog in one of the fields in the distance.”

“I pulled over and got a half full bag of dog food from the back of the van and began shaking the bag and calling the dog to get its attention. It was a lurcher type dog, and I could see from a distance it was very thin. The dog looked at me and began walking over to me, but it was very nervous of humans and would only come within 10ft of me initially.”

“I threw some food over for it which it ate immediately , and after a while it gained the confidence to come closer to me and I was able to put a lead on it. The poor dog was emaciated and you could see every rib, every bone in its spine and pelvis, and the dog looked like it had given up on life. The dog is now doing well in our care and is putting on much needed weight and will go on to find a new loving home.”

We live in an age where dogs are still highly popular as pets. What would you say to first time buyers going in?

Sir Paul Grimes

“First time buyers going in: Advise I would say to first time dog buyers going in would be to ask lots of questions! The questions you should be asking are :
“‘Are both the parents fully health tested, for example have they had their hips and elbows scored to check they are free from genetic hip/elbow displasia? If not, why?”’

“Are both parents fully vaccinated ? Can I see the vaccination certificate ?”

“Can you accompany the mother and father dog out on a walk, both in a busy town and out in the fields to see what it’s behaviour is like ? If this is not possible, why not? Ask the people what are they hoping to achieve from this breeding they have created?”

“Don’t be afraid to walk away, if the mother or father dogs are displaying undesirable behaviour traits or health conditions. Puppies should be kept in clean living conditions, and the puppies themselves should be fat and chunky, clean and not show signs of nervousness or cowering away in the corner. Ask the breeder what have they done to start conditioning the puppies environmentally?”

“It’s a buyers market, do not be forced or pressured into buying a puppy because the breeder is in a rush. You will be making time for this puppy every day for the next 12 years so the least a breeder can do is free up 3 or 4 hours of their time for you to ask questions…..”

What’s your advice for the people on this earth moving forward!?..

Sir Paul Grimes

“My advice for people on this earth moving forward is people need to realise and understand that the planet is at risk due to our human activity . We as a human race, all of us, need to dispose of our waste correctly, re-use as much as possible and recycle at every opportunity. We need to take care of our countryside and stop dropping litter and fly tipping.”

“We hear daily about trees being knocked down in order to build new houses for our ever growing population, but when do you hear of houses being knocked down in order to plant trees ???”

“The time has gone where humans can reproduce as they wish. Planet earth as a whole, but countries such as the UK and China are massively over populated and building more and more houses because people want to have 3,4 or 5 children each is not the answer. Nor should it be the government’s responsibility to house everybody. If humans wish to reproduce, they should do so knowing they are financially stable enough to provide everything that child will need not only financially, but mentally, physically and emotionally too. That child must be taught about how to live in a way which reduces our carbon footprint and does as little damage to the earth and countryside as possible.”

“That child must be taught about how we need trees in order to survive, and that the world does not start and stop in an i-pad ! Take your child litter picking and fly tip clearing, enjoy the seasons and the changes in the countryside each season brings. Grow your own food and be kind to animals.”

In your down time what music do you like?

Sir Paul Grimes

“Music I listen to in my down time …..
Music is a huge part of my life and I would struggle to live an enjoyable life without music . I would estimate I listen to music between 8-10 hours a day. I wake up at 5am, go downstairs, put 1xtra on the radio. I brush my teeth, I listen to music on my phone via YouTube. Im at work in the van im listening to my playlists on my phone through the van speakers.”

“I get home and go in the shower im listening to music on my phone , I wash up after dinner im listening to 1xtra on the radio. Music is a constant in my life, like food, water and air.
My first taste of music as a very young child came from my father playing reggae. My father is a serious reggae man and has an extensive collection of vinyl, and has actually seen Bob Marley perform live when he came to the UK and performed at Hitchin Town Hall. For all those skeptics about this statement this is actually well documented and can be found fairly easily on an internet search.”

“I have to give thanks to you Sir David for enhancing my musical journey as you played a major role in introducing myself and your younger brother to a more urban, more underground music genre of different types, namely Happy Hardcore, and Jungle, now known as Drum N Bass.

You were a few years older than us and were able to actually go raving, when myself and your younger brother Martin were still too young. We were both hooked with the heavy baselines of jungle and the female vocals of Happy Hardcore, both of which I still listen to today.”

“I remember being different at school when all the other kids aged around 8,9 and 10 years of age were listening to East17, Boyzone and Oasis, and I was talking about Hixxy, Mickey Finn and Vinyl Groover lol. We all had a collection of tape packs which I understand we still all have to this day.”

“Growing up further my father’s reggae influence grew on me, and I was also introduced to the wave of illegal pirate radio! Those years ! Hot, long summers, radio stations including Prestige Fm, Risk FM, Raw FM and Impact FM were what I lived for. One of my good good friends Wayne and I were hooked on them! I used to carry a portable radio around with us walking through the streets so we could still go out without missing any of the music lol. “

“A few years later Wayne and I actually ended up working together for a short time at Wilkinsons, and one lunch break Wayne and I were in the staff room and I pulled this portable radio out from my locker, put it on the table, bare in mind there were other members of staff and managers eating their lunch at the time , and pulled the aerial up as far as it would go and we tuned into Prestige FM on our break 😂😂. Those were some good memories.”

“Getting into my late teens and early twenties my love of reggae and dancehall took over and has never left me. I would now say 80% of the music I listen to now is reggae and dancehall, with the other 20% being made up of Happy Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Grime, Garage , Afrobeats and Soca.
I have been to see many reggae and dancehall artists perform live, too many to list in total, but some names include Mavado, Capleton, Beres Hammond, Masicka, Shenseea, Romain Virgo and Bunny Wailer. Music is life!”

Do you have l a ‘best’ fave breed – & why!?…

Sir Paul Grimes

“Do I have a favourite breed of dog?
Although I currently have an American Bulldog and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I would like to own an XL American Bully and a Presa Canario one day. If I had to choose a favourite breed right now I would say an XL American Bully.”

“I like this breed because they are big gentle dogs originally bred as a companion breed, low to medium energy and generally very people orientated.”



🏆Sir Paul’s own dog – Princess taking home the ‘win’ at a local competition! Many congratulations from Quantum Creations!🏆

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Sir Paul Grimes