it has been quite a journey up until now. Life is never easy at the best of times.

Living within these high pressured times, I for one have been / am being tested to my fullest right now in fact. I recently left my old job of seven years to venture into new employment with nearer local ability to where I live. On doing so a ‘trigger’ from my first days here, as such has now been accessed within me.


Subsequently since this has occurred from the 17.09.18 – I have had to seek professional medical help. I have now been diagnosed with ‘Social Anxiety Disorder‘ (full blown symptom’s whilst at my new job office roll.) Due to this new found diagnosis I now find myself in the position of in fact not knowing my future…

I have harboured this awful disorder since my first ever days on this earth, (this time round.)

I have kept it ‘hidden’ for my entire life, naively thinking that it will pass me by, or merely go away – alas this type of thing never shall. Needless to say I am now receiving the correct treatment for it as much as I can in my present situation.

This my good people, is quite a profound feeling. If you have not already seen I hold a very good skill set of on – line skills! I can creatively write about anything. I am here baring ALL – to ask you for your custom.

Bellow I enclose my creative works to date:

Motor / Cars section:


BMW BRAND:E30 – The β€˜majestic’ motors! (BMW)

VW BRAND: The VW MK 5 – (Turbo charged) Edition! 2018

Music features / Interview’s:

three person doing hand gestures
Photo by on

The MiGHTY Mr SPARKLe (Feature 2018)πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡―πŸ‡²


DJ RAF – DISRUPTION,UK, Hardcore, Hard Dance, Harder styles 2018

‘Niche advertising’!!!

turned on gray laptop computer
‘I am yours, you are mine’

Collective Energy!

The World Cup Football – Worriers

Seize your day!

Incorporating for your corporate needs…. My ‘LiNK LiVE‘ Facility enables me to work for you at a Quantum pace getting YOUR BRAND OUT THERE!

I can dynamically create active features, set questions, set up – interviews then see through to direct publication either on here – my Quantum Creations web space, or you can pay me for my time and place the work that we create on your own web space! The ‘umbrella effect’ of my Quantum Creations is one of uniqueness as it is designed to encompass ALL of life’s sections and likewise oddities (if required…)

Within these personal & as you can appreciate very difficult times, there is a ‘donations’ section to the Quantum Creations site.

This is global projection in my eyes, Quantum Creations for the generations!…

Likewise if ANYONE can help me with tips on how to generate money / income from my blog space here at Quantum CreationsPLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

You can email directly to:Β

I’m not alone, yet, it sure feels like it: Claire Foy Social Anxiety….

We all have to live – right?…

With kindest regards

Dave Hill.

(Quantum Creations Creator).

Quantum Creations

Any donation for my creations – WELCOMED, with blessings of thanks & abundance! (Please note: I have set my limit here as 'ten pounds' there is no maximum or lower average. All donations welcomed with thanks. First pool HERE:


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