15.10.18 My mental health (doesn’t matter.)

As depicted in my previous post regarding such a personal and sensitive matter – My diagnosis 2018    /

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Its with regret that I now say that whilst my situation of circumstances  is now ‘out in the open, nothing has changed, in fact I could even venture so far as to say that they are sadly worse, in this point in time. I knew inwardly that after disclosing my mental health diagnosis to my closest family members that it would change the dynamic’s as such.

I felt that my dad took it well, better than expected any way. My mum on the other hand took it some what harder. I guess that I didn’t know what to expect – I mean you wouldn’t would you? A high possibility that you are now Autistic, or on that very spectrum, plus the arrival of a very bad social anxiety disorder too. My younger brother phoned me the evening that I told my mum then spoke to my dad. I initially thought that he had phoned me to talk to me about my diagnosis. He had in fact phoned me to talk regarding a music project that we both working on together. This came as a nice surprise.

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I am now signing on for the interim with Jobseekers. This has been suggested by my GP, after writing to my local council services in the aid to receive some help for my condition, with the guise to get back into work as soon as possible. Once again this has proved much harder than first thought, since diagnosis. I have also contacted two – three major newspapers who also remain mute on such the subject. They have more important stories to cover however, such as celebrities who get paid to dance with each other then cheat on their life partners. Sorry my bad, that is much more worthwhile in publishing, than say a citizen of the country of the UK, who has now been officially ‘failed’ – pretty much since birth in this forsaken country.

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It doesn’t rain – it pours right? To sum up: I’m in need of help to gain an income – to which no one seems bothered at all about. I could even be classed as ‘near homeless’ at this stage right here. Tomorrow shall be a telling day as it is my first day of ‘signing on’ with the good old British Job Centre


Telling times good people, telling times. At least I have a great GP. That in itself goes a long way in todays society – let me tell you.

Through the SHAME, fire, the pain, I sail the high tide of NO RETURN! Only I shall understand the inner burden with no help at all – that shall eternally burn…


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