Collective Energy!


Within all energy, within all the world, within all the universe – YOU, are a part of it!

Have you ever felt a ‘good feeling’ whilst out on your daily business, in the midst, in the presence of others? You would be well suited to do so! Energy flows freely, it is an abundance in which we mainly take for granted, as we do our ‘senses’.

That ‘feeling’ is one of an ‘inner’ – deeper understanding, which we all share. This is not I may add just a ‘one off’. It’s a close your eyes moment of global harmony, one which in this age is – well slightly hard to find! However, it is still so. All you must do is take a walk out into your local community, you will soon see the different dynamics within the separate groups of people. This is not to say that all will be ‘la de da – love and peace’. Oh no – far from it. The fundamental factor being; that this ‘unity’ can be felt, it can be achieved! As it is – it is ever-present…

Many people are now seeing that the general weather patterns,- the behaviours are changing here on earth. The sale of sun cream and umbrellas has gone up. This only makes sense as the weather in places has changed somewhat, is this an ‘energy effectiveness’ trigger? It very well could be. You see everything is constantly changing, evolving – as are we as people, as a species. The feeling or the duel sharing of others energy is of abundance, it is here to be used freely.
It’s amazing, attending a gym session. You are feeling a little ‘under’ your usual self, energy wise. Your energy is faltering slightly, you have a dull feeling, a thought at the back of your mind that ‘I can’t continue’. From somewhere (inside) you, you suddenly take in others around you, running, energetically. There are others who are going strong on their work out – this in turn then proceeds to lift yourself back UP, you once again have the strength to carry on, to then complete your workout (your journey.)

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This is simply tapping into the excess energy around you! It’s always there, it’s always available. I love the feeling of when you walk into a busy store, or coffee shop – the vibe is just great!

D.Hill / DemonziNk / Angels LiNK 2018.



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