The VW MK 5 – (Turbo charged) Edition! 2018


VolksWagen, a sure fire industry leader. Solid, reliable, sturdy, whilst giving you that might to fight the ever increasing traffic on the highways.

The game has changed dramatically since 1937. By design alone, the automotive of all cars has taken upon new structures, new looks in the design faculties. Within these exciting new ages, the customisation of motor vehicles is key – if you want to stand out, drive with style on the roads of today.

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The World Cup Football – Worriers

There is no better taste in ones mouth than ‘victory’. To the spoils, go the victor…

The band of ever brave players, made their way, heads high on to the football pitch. The electrically charged atmosphere, like never before. A venue in the mighty USSR no less! Heads held high, the pride of English Lions to do this great country proud! They put up a valiant fight against the opposition. Team tactics used neatly, proof that planning for any battle pays off. From upfront to mid field, our lions fort bravely.

grass sport game match
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The English knights not taking their opposition for granted, passed, delayed and used the ball with great fashion. It’s amazing to think that after all these years, that such a magnificent sport has kept it’s age, pace full within the of face of passion it generates. A timeless legacy of our national heritage. One could not surpass the lump in ones throat as the first goal for our boys hit home. “What a goal!” We shouted – jumping from our seats, beers and Prosecco flying in the air like a plane leaving the runway, ready for Benidorm.


It struck me as a little odd, that on my journeys to and from my local town, the amount of ‘non believers’ I overheard talking about the event in the street. There were / are literally so many who have zero faith in our band of brave warriors.

Male Lion Wallpapers 10

All these worriers. It’s not good – our lads deserve much more, we all live in hope. – Right? We watch, we mock, we hold our breaths as our lads run, jump, tackle all over the green grassed battle ground. The lions need to hear roars! – Not squawks of shame. Watch with pride as we go for a Full Spectrum Dominance, on the battle field. Keep your hopes high with the fact that WE CAN DO THIS! England hold valued energy within the sittings of the playoffs.

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Follow your pride with your heads held HIGH! The games have begun, from Russia with love!
By Quantum Creations/ Quantum Creations Scripturez.2018.