High Frequency (Rebel i ON ) England for the WiN!🍻⚽️⚽️⚽️✨

High Frequency (Rebel i ON ) England for the WiN! #RiSEUP 😆🚀✨👏🤩👊🏽💫🔥

Unity an amazing construct set within each and everyone one of us. No separation, no division no divide. Just one state of pure being, just one peaceful state of mind. It seems that it takes a lot more this day to unite ourselves as humans. Many factors play a part in this sequence of action.

Looking back in history within this timeline, there has always been division and divide. Whether it be – war, race, colour, gender, sexuality, intellect, – you name it the separation of humankind has always been present. Like a silent elephant looming in the room. Whereas it is important to ask ‘why’ we must always remember that it is just as easy to undo such a negative subject within our physical presence.

Language, communication also plays a massive part in this sequence too. There was no doubt once a time, where we all lived connected if you will be consciousness alone. Within this age language as we know it today would not be an issue for such beings living their everyday lives.

Within this age we all frequent the new set of ‘rules, regulations and instructions’ set by our ‘owners’ or people of governance are quite draconian to say the least. We can easily identify this by backtracking to the schooling system, then our own individual encounters and experiences from living within it ourselves.

Personally, I found it very stifling, intrusive; in addition, stressful whilst also being quite humiliating too. (All of which can now be looked on as ‘soul lessons’.) Whilst other factors were at play both from / in the physical and the ‘unseen parallels’ it was crucial self-development moving forward within my own personal journey.

In today’s world we all are all in love of being entertained! The many different forms of entertainment are astounding, especially in a world of such fast-paced evolution of technology. It has come to light the during the ongoing pandemic, that people still very much love sports!

Our beloved football team have once again made it through to the final. The intrepid team of ‘brave lions’ find themselves up against a gang of ‘boisterous Italians’, who just so happen to be very handy with a football…

With bated breath the nation of expectant britts awaits the future of what will unravel after 08:00pm on Sunday evening. A game of two halves, a game of endurance, wit, and skill. It is time to raise that vibration so high and mighty that that this glorious team brin it home, that they can roar SO loud and proud, that they display the right energetic attributes, that even the highly skilled – football genius Italians won’t be able to match.

It is possible, as – anything is… The emotions of this game are tremendous. Spurred on by the ease of national lockdown restrictions presently incoming on the 19th of July. We must remember that many of people’s rights are being tampered with at this very moment in time, whether you like to accept it or not.

It is time to use this positive energy to stand up and say NO! We still can live in a happy, peaceful society, yet without so much ‘draconian control’ which is sadly taking place and shape.

The energy which is due to be created on Sunday / tomorrow is immense! Feel it, channel it, use it to help with the victory, but furthermore OUR victory! A new hope, to break away from such evil which is slowly seeping into our communities, our friend’s, our family’s lives, and livelihoods. We must now begin to understand the barriers of division erected and break them back down again.

Let us take this amazing energetic opportunity and go forward with style, elegance, pace and grace! Let’s stand as one – smiling in the face of evil, and roar like the lions and lionesses we all are! Free & sovereign – NO to direct governing!!!


Quantum Creationz’21’


The World Cup Football – Worriers

There is no better taste in ones mouth than ‘victory’. To the spoils, go the victor…

The band of ever brave players, made their way, heads high on to the football pitch. The electrically charged atmosphere, like never before. A venue in the mighty USSR no less! Heads held high, the pride of English Lions to do this great country proud! They put up a valiant fight against the opposition. Team tactics used neatly, proof that planning for any battle pays off. From upfront to mid field, our lions fort bravely.

grass sport game match
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The English knights not taking their opposition for granted, passed, delayed and used the ball with great fashion. It’s amazing to think that after all these years, that such a magnificent sport has kept it’s age, pace full within the of face of passion it generates. A timeless legacy of our national heritage. One could not surpass the lump in ones throat as the first goal for our boys hit home. “What a goal!” We shouted – jumping from our seats, beers and Prosecco flying in the air like a plane leaving the runway, ready for Benidorm.


It struck me as a little odd, that on my journeys to and from my local town, the amount of ‘non believers’ I overheard talking about the event in the street. There were / are literally so many who have zero faith in our band of brave warriors.

Male Lion Wallpapers 10

All these worriers. It’s not good – our lads deserve much more, we all live in hope. – Right? We watch, we mock, we hold our breaths as our lads run, jump, tackle all over the green grassed battle ground. The lions need to hear roars! – Not squawks of shame. Watch with pride as we go for a Full Spectrum Dominance, on the battle field. Keep your hopes high with the fact that WE CAN DO THIS! England hold valued energy within the sittings of the playoffs.

Don’t miss a beat with: Sky Sports.

Follow your pride with your heads held HIGH! The games have begun, from Russia with love!
By Quantum Creations/ Quantum Creations Scripturez.2018.