The VW MK 5 – (Turbo charged) Edition! 2018


VolksWagen, a sure fire industry leader. Solid, reliable, sturdy, whilst giving you that might to fight the ever increasing traffic on the highways.

The game has changed dramatically since 1937. By design alone, the automotive of all cars has taken upon new structures, new looks in the design faculties. Within these exciting new ages, the customisation of motor vehicles is key – if you want to stand out, drive with style on the roads of today.

Front VW Mk5 Tech

In todays new age, there are many a collector, many the enthusiast who devote their time, love and above all passion for the customisation of the auto vehicles we know as the car.  By todays progressive standards, the VW – MK 5, makes a great standpoint for such customisations.

Its all in the design…

Side shot MK5 VW
READY – to roll…

Smooth, creative ambition, curbed absorption. Ready to go, street wise! MK 5 VW magic right here.

Front VW MK5
Good to go ! Front ‘kiss’…

A perfection hard to match. This limited (only colour for the UK) good looking from angles. VW – MK 5, most centrally turbo charged and ALIVE!

Booty shot MK 5 VW
‘Feel the Booty!’ For the love of DUB!

Smooth, sleek, featured, these twin exhausts look the business, aligned with mastery. ‘For the love of DUB‘.


Sometimes – you just let the car do the talking….

Sky shot MK5 VW

This MK 5 makes the sunshine itself! Great customisation, sleek, fitted contour features.

Rim Shot VW MK5
Above the RIM business!

Road side steady. Rim HEAVY! The wheels are in motion, this unique ‘Porsche colour‘ brings out the dynamics in this outstanding vehicle. From top to bottom, this beauty is on the prowl…

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Extending Quantum Creations gratitude to Sam C / DJ TECH for the opportunity. 

Quantum Creations 2018.



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