E30 – The ‘majestic’ motors! (BMW)

Many of us hold an enthusiasm of sorts for cars. The motor industry has always boomed, thriving away at the heart of many towns and cities alike. A global industry which enabled each country to create, then develop their unique automobiles.

It goes without saying that Germany, created a sure fire ‘winner,’ with their solid contribution to the motor trade, which is no less than the incredulous – BMW brand.

E30 – MAGIC!!!






Evolution  throughout the ages, makes the prototype look like an avenger. Beautiful contour body work, elegant in style, with outstanding slender. Its arrived, artistry on a new level, outclassing excellence.


F6E10524-8876-4C9F-9F32-FD49FA3C4053 ‘Majestic E30’ (BMW)

FAT! Ready to decimate the tarmac, the new feeling, the Calypso street dreamer, its time to feel it in ALPINA. E30 magic has never looked so good! Behind the wheel, its never felt so good.

A77137A8-B8ED-4104-AD23-C71B4EAB6C1E Perfect fit! (Rims)

Smooth, the perfect custom fit. E30_jv knows how to make it super slick. ‘Sharp custom, shooter, straight from the hip’. Bringing the majestic quality  of Beemer magic, bringing it ‘360’. One can safely say with professional customisation techniques, that the model has evolved with great effect from 1983.

9EABDC33-988C-4AC4-8800-EE7D2E68591A ‘Booty call’ – POW!

Outstanding work never goes unnoticed at Quantum Creations! From the nineties to present day, hard work, passion for what one does in life – pays off. You need to hold your own, maintain your focus , then – get the job done!

This feature is an appreciation to my favourite motor on earth – the BMW.

All pictures used, owned and taken by: (JSV) @e30_jv check out his Instagram account, to keep up to date with all the latest – pictures, video uploads, as well as exiting footage from various high profile car seminar’s, its live – its happening NOW!

All pictures in this creation are linked ‘live‘ direct to e30_jv host site.

If you would like your car & website to feature in Quantum CreationsMotor & Car section, just give us a shout! Many thanks.

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Quantum Creations 2018.

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