Raggo Recordings

Music: – an artistic concept set out for each and everyone of us to enjoy. A universal display of optimum energy, transmitted to the head, being received to create great, unique moments for the receiver. Have you ever thought just how powerful that connection of music is?

Exciting times for all. With energetic, fresh set structure; Raggo Recordings are here: taking the world by the higher frequencies of now, most definitely loud, present and clear!

Bringing you some much needed info into the history of the ‘Raggo brand’ itself. For those who may not know, who may not have heard – ‘The Raggo Crew was firmly established back in ‘97’ by the immensely talented:Eyeam, being the founder and brand creator.

Raggo Recordings came about as a by-product of The Raggo Crew back then, within this timeline.

Raggo Recordings – working with the fresh, and talented up and coming producer:/DJ Aumy.

It is time for you to tune in. It is time for you to subscribe with a fresh mind to the Raggo Recordings YouTube channel! Bringing you fresh beats, fresh flavours, created by individuals who emulate the love and passion for the music itself.

Keeping diversity at the forefront, the team from Raggo Recordings deliver superb sounds. Drawing from the urban elements, furthermore the sounds of complete consciousness – combining such great structures, the finished works as you can hear providing soul nourishment for your ears.

Check out the current track listing fresh from Raggo RecordingsLike, Share & Subscribe to the YouTube channel TODAY!

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Quantum Creationz ‘2021’


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