Cambatta ‘A new directive’ 2020+

There are times when no ‘introductions’ are required. This is quite simply, one of those times.’

Never a better starting point than this – for the first / new generation, who are just seeing what’s what in the world of music, underground rap / hip – hop alike; Cambatta plays a unique and pivotal position in such an important movement.

One must always remember the deep roots to which the origin of the culture / scene started. With the emergence of recent events, it is now more important than ever,that hip hop remains open to being able to voice its integral message to the world.

Cambatta acts as a mighty vessel which enables himself to do this – a voice of the people.

‘From the cerebral’

Cambatta’s music – or ‘channeling’ for deliverance is second to none. Drawing from the inner ‘cerebral dimensions’,the Ether of the never worlds, the unseen realms, to deliver such unique craftsmanship in the form of raps, and rhymes direct to the receiving minds.

Cambatta’s uniqueness is that his ability to rap with his sui generis style and sound, as well as combine the deep spiritual essence too. This is nothing more than – highly gifted.

How does he do it!?… Quite simply in his own words: “I go through pain.” The main transition point for all true artists, for all creators- for all: people.

Cambatta using the power of the Chakras, induced by the help of the psychedelic realms…. One must remain open to the the fact of the fine balance of reality, that a certain amount of ‘pain’ is involved here, however deep one wishes to delve – within these realms. Within themselves…

!!‼️EXCLUSIVE- CAMBATTA VIDEO INTERVIEW‼️!! {All questions set by: Quantum Scripture Creationz}


Now is the time for you to access the world of Cambatta music…! Presently, Cambatta is lining up his latest instalment, in the shape and form-of: ANNOUNCING THE NEW ALBUM LSD: LUNAR SOLAR DUALITY Release date of: 21/07/2020 / 07/21/2020 #Globally available on ALL PLATFORMS! Key action points: ‘PRE ORDER NOW!’


All Cambatta’s music is available via his main website: (You won’t go wrong!…) Support the movement, a mighty foundation no less- new fans and loyal supporter, now is the time to ‘PRE ORDER!’

OFFICIAL VIDEO OF: Mic El JahXsun (Video)



Cambatta is on top of his game right now. With much more to deliver. Don’t just sit back and listen, join the movement- follow Cambatta on all social media! Lock in a pre order, keep up to date with his latest releases & music intel.

Cambatta interaction:

*Please note: That ALL above images /Gifs- are ‘LiNKED LiVE ENABLED’. Meaning you can freely click / tap the images which in turn will transport you to the relative website hosting page- then, browse accordingly!*

Cambatta Home Website:

The mighty rise within the multiples of the right timelines! One must understand- overstand that some are deeply gifted, gifted to message the rest of us – all to receive the higher divine concepts of importance. Listen, feel, SEE- Cambatta full frequency!…

Quantum Scripture Creationz would like to humbly & personally thank: Cambatta himself. The frequencies, and energies for this creation for the generations have been off the chart! Also and undoubtedly to: Team Cambatta as well! A true, tremendous driving force working entandem with Cambatta! ~THANK YOU!~

Personal acknowledgements, blessings and respects to: Canibus (The true Godfather!), Pyrit Music, Classic Pak,Arewhy The Ripper, Thanos Beats, Graveyard Shifter, EyeAmTheAll, Virtuez, Lady Ami B, Blaklight88,Mr SPARKLe, Rob, Carol B,

♾Quantum Scripture Creationz♾


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