In NO ‘mans’ – name.

It is a profound experience – growing up. You have infinite potential, you are like a ‘sponge’, you soak up information given to you. You take in sights, smells, sounds the whole world- works.

I always learned that there is a ‘division’ of man kind, a division of humanity. My pathway (this life cycle round) has enabled me to meet, mingle, as well as be a part of many different amazing people. These people naturally share a different skin colour than me. I was born in a suburb of East London. I started my early schooling system days there. I was blessed with being able to go to junior school with an amazing ethnic mix of different children, myself coming from a mixed back ground too.


Does this even matter? Of course it does. The linage of ‘man’ reaps much destruction. I have always seen, felt and been told this. ‘Man’ always seems to have an excuse to commit evil atrocities. Much of history that many of us have been taught has been distorted, altered – changed somewhat to fit a totally different narrative. Without digressing too much, one cannot escape the fact that ‘power’ holds a raw signature in igniting ‘mans’ enimity.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the horrendous act against Japan. It saw ‘man kind’ execute a new evil in the name of ‘control’. In the name of ‘war’. ‘Raw – War’. Then, the day after the first detonation they dropped another one on the beautiful island of Nagasaki. Tomorrow marks the 73rd ‘A – bomb anniversary’. (No good for no hu -man.)

man walking on floor
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So – let us reflect: No words can cover what those people went through. We live in a world of beautiful abundance if you have income, or create income. Suffering it still rife here on mother earth. Please spare a thought.

beautiful beauty blue bright
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We are all people, beings here together. We are blessed with such a potential to help, to create for a greater good. Research, think, love. Each one teach one.

Quantum Creations.

Time for generations…

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